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The following events are happening at the present to friends of mine. You never know how circumstances can affect what you do next in life! To explain: My friends were in Cheyenne, Wyoming in their motor home pulling a SUV. A nice young couple invited them to dinner. People in motor homes do that as they travel and park (usually at Walmart parking lots). While they were eating the young man slipped out and poured sugar in both gas tanks. When they started the motor home it went approximately 5 feet and died.

When they reported this to the police the retort was it was a childish prank and that was it. Unfortunately they didn't have money to fix the motors as it would cost thouosands of dollars. So they went to a church nearby which happened to be Catholic and told them what happened. They said they would hire them as maintenance workers, pay them a small salary, an apartment and meals. So they settled for that. The priest sold the motor vehicle to some people for practically nothing. He also sold all the things they had in the motorhome. They were left almost destitute and dependent on the good graces of the church. They soon found out why.

An apartment was given to them where a priest used to live. The young priest even arranged for a stove to be brought up to their apartment. Snow suits were provided in flourescent colors for winter so they could get rid of the snow. They couldn't get over their good fortune after such a devastating thing had happened to them.

The first night they spent in the apartment all sorts of spooky things happened. They heard "Mack the Knife" playing on what they thought was a radio. Later they learned after removing the radio from the apartment the music came from the walls. They also heard a news broadcast where Roosevelt was visiting Wyoming. They didn't know which one it was, Teddy Roosevelt or the more recent one. Since that first night the music has changed and they have heard two different songs so far.

The second song's words were:

You and me, we used to be together, Every day together always.

I really feel, that I'm losing my best friend, I can't believe this could be the end.

It looks as though you're letting go and if it's real, well I don't want to know.

Don't speak, I know just what you're saying, so please stop explaining.
Don't tell me 'cause it hurts
Don't speak
I know what you're thinking.
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me 'cause it hurts.

Our memories, they can be inviting, But some are altogether mighty frightening.

As we die, both you and I, with my head in my hands, I sit and cry.

(These words were found on the internet after writing down words they could decipher. All you need is a few words and you will be able to find any song.)

The ground the rectory was on originally was where gypsies would camp. They were chased out when a mental hospital was built on the land. It burned down. Later it would be where the rectory was built for the church. They believe the gypsies put a curse on the land and they were the recipients of the phenomena that occurred at night.

One morning the priests and the nuns were gone - completely disappeared. A couple of days ago they found out from the lady in the office that the priests had died many years ago as had the nuns! This really unnerved them. They had been talking to solid ghosts! The nuns even cooked for them. They did notice they didn't eat the food, only picked at it. The lady in the office was not aware of what was happening about the ghosts.

The following is the procedure that takes place at night between 12 am and 1:45 am.
The events start at midnight with a temperature drop of 15 degrees and music that seems to come from the walls themselves.

A mysterious bluish white light comes from under the bedroom closet door and two traditionally garbed alter boys walk through the closed door. Other ghosts seem to be interacting with each other but not with the living.

An older man in an expensive looking black suit asks "is it warm enough for you?" but doesnt linger for an answer before disappearing through the bedroom wall.

A woman wearing a black evening dress seems to pace impatiently back and forth several times before disappearing into thin air.

Suddenly a baby will cry as if in distress then stops as abruptly as it started. An old man with dirty clothes and unkept hair stares out from the bedroom dresser mirror as if looking out a window followed by a young woman dressed in an old fashioned white blouse and gray skirt.

An elderly couple walk out of the closet hand in hand like lovers on their honeymoon.

None of the spectors interact with my two friends who live in this haunted rectory but, to make this story even more spooky, the spirits of the two priests are amoung the last to appear.

At 1:45am the spirits seem to return to the closet for the evening only to repeat the process again the next evening. By 2am everything returns to normal.

A day or so ago one of the priests who they had been talking with and had disappeared came out of the closet. He had died in 1988. They were able to talk to him. He said the spirits could not leave until the puzzle was solved. They asked what puzzle and he said the woman that had set fire to the mental hospital and killed all the people in it had to be brought to justice. He even gave her name.

Several nights ago all the ghosts appeared in formal clothes coming out of the closet one by one and two by two. My friends tried to figure out why they would be dressed like that. I believe it was for them because that was the last night they heard or saw the ghosts. Two days later the church told my friends they were no longer needed as they didn't have the money to pay them a salary. I think the ghosts came to say goodbye and they knew my friends would be leaving.

They are actively pursuing anything that would explain what is going on here or has gone on in the past that led to this haunting.

I have never heard of solid ghosts. When the priest left he just dissolved! The next night he came but did not interact with them.

And that my friends, is a true Halloween story!

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