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Enchanted Walkabout Guide, Faerie Realm and Nature Facilitator, Healer, UFO Contactee, and More!
by Brent Raynes

John Springer has been doing faerie programs since 2000, since what he refers to as his calling out from the Faerie Realm. He has been the director of the Enchanted Children's Garden in Lake County, Florida; a Presenter at the Enchanted Forest Intuitive Camp in North Carolina; on the teaching staff of the Tibet-Butler Preserve & Environmental Education Center in Orange County, Florida conducting Enchanted Walkabouts; will be conducting monthly programs at the Central Florida Zoological Park; has been on the Advisory Board of LIFE [Learning Is For Everyone], a home school group, conducting Enchanted Walkabouts for more than 100 home schoolers and families at their many gatherings and events; presently under contract with the City of Winter Park conducting Enchanted Walkabouts at Mead Gardens on a monthly basis; conducts monthly walkabouts at Palm Island in Mount Dora, Florida; will be a Presenter at the Fairy and Human Relations Congress in Washington State in 2008, and many more programs and places around Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, awakening people to their connection to our Mother Earth and the Faerie Realm.

John is the past Director of the Conscious Awareness Network [CAN], the Gathering Of Light Delegates [GOLD] Group, the Green Living Group, the Healers Under God [HUG] Group, the Orlando Metaphysical Society [OMS], the Saturday Night Synergy Group all located within the Central Florida area. He is called a Lightworker Networker and is known as Johnny Spirit Seed and sometimes called King Fairy or Papa Smurf, as he plants seeds of awareness and awakens people's divine wisdom. John is a Reiki Master and has been trained in many other healing techniques, however he credits his healing gift to the Holy Spirit with the blessings of the Catholic Church. He is presently creating a F.A.E. [Faerie And Earth] School & Conclave at the Mountain Light Sanctuary in North Carolina, during the last weekend in September 2007.

In the early 1970s he wrote programs in Environmental Education for the State of Florida, including Sensitivity & Awareness in Nature, Awakening the Five Senses to Nature; He graduated from Purdue University in Landscape Architecture with minors in Forestry, Art & Design and Interior Design and has a Master's background in Environmental/Science Education in curriculum development.

John is also an Eagle Scout and has earned the William T. Hornaday Award for Distinguished Service to Conservation in 1964, awarded by the New York Zoological Society and the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. John is the Roundtable Commissioner for Wekiwa District in the Central Florida Council and has more than 30 years experience in the Boy Scouts.

In Central Florida, John owns Landscape Walkabouts, Residential Landscape Design and Property Inventories. He wife's name is Patricia, and they may be reached at: or 407-880-1331. Also take time to visit his website at: to learn more about John's programs, the faerie realm and see some of his photos.

Editor: From what I've read, in many respects, you are and do fit into the very successful role of a highly professional person, but then that archetypal image for a lot of conventional minded folks might seem shattered, I would imagine, when they learn that you lead like enchanted fairy walks for children and adults alike. How do you generally address what a large skeptical percentage of the population might perceive as a contradiction?

John Springer: Well I call them Enchanted Walkabouts for the reason that it gives them a different way of looking at things. It's not just a walk, and I add the Walkabout because people are familiar with that from the Australian terminology of a Walkabout. If anybody had any sensing of what a Walkabout was is that it's a walk on the land and looking at it differently. I think that even the definition of a Walkabout comes about in a different way as well.

I'm not concerned about people's skepticism, especially since I have been invited to speak before groups such as the Rotary, Kuwanis, Civitan, and I wear my top hat and I put sparkles on my face and have shoes that flash as I walk, and when I show them pictures such as the ballerina tree and other photographs, it gets their attention very fast. They realize that they're actually missing out on a lot of sights out in nature that they need to be aware of.

Usually people are not so much in denial when you show them the photographs, and that's why I, even though I do classes on photographing fairies, orbs, and nature spirits, I bring up the nature spirits first because they're the most tangible, and as I took the Rangers out at one of the local parks (it was Tibet-Butler Preserve) and I told them, "You need to come with me. You need to see what I share with people so that you will understand what people see," because they're all very literal people, and everyone of them was skeptical, even though they worked in one of the county parks.

So I took them out and immediately I showed them what a face looks like, and it was just basically where the limbs had been on a pine tree, and I said, "Consider this to be an eye where this limb was and consider where this could be an eye, and then bring it down and this could be a nose and this could be a mouth." And they went, "Oh yeah, yeah, you're right." Then I showed them a tree with lips and they began to get the picture and I said, "It's a way of, you might say, sparking the imagination, bringing that imagination out." And then I took them on one of the trails, a very, very good trail, and then we came across this standing stump and I said, "Switch your vision to look at this as though it was a castle in the Lord of the Rings and you're looking at towers and windows and doors," and their eyebrows started going up and they began to see it as that. Then I showed them a fallen tree that had broken, and I said, "Now I want to show you a dragon," and I said, "here's it's snout, here's it's eyes, here's it's mouth, here's it's tusks," and oh my gosh, their eyebrows went up and it looked like their eyeballs popped right out of their heads and their mouths dropped open and they went "Oh my God, we see it."

Editor: No one started running, did they?

John Springer: Nobody started running. Then I said, "Now keep in mind when someone goes on a nature walk you lose them after about 10 or 15 minutes, because it's too much scientific information and they go into overload," and both the Rangers who were with me said, "Oh my God, you're so right." I said, "After awhile they're just walking in the woods. They're not hearing you, they're not paying attention to you, they're not seeing anything, and they're not connecting with anything. They're just walking in the woods. This way, I point out faces, dragons, castles, and other anomalies of nature, the oddities and the unusual. After awhile, they're pointing things out to me."

I had a Ranger go with me on the first walk. It was her last day in this park after five years and she was so excited she went, "Oh my God, I can't believe I've been missing out on so much that this park offers. You have shown me a different way of looking at everything."

That's the idea. And then when a leaf waves at you from way back, or if you come across a spinning leaf you can talk to the leaf and get it to slow down, speed up, change direction, or stop, and it does almost every time. People notice that when I point out a waving leaf that it usually stops when I point at it (laughs).

So that's how I handle the skeptics, and for those who claim that they do not feel anything I put them between two trees and (tell them) "put your one hand out to one tree and put your other hand out to the other and just stand there," and within a minute they'll feel something. Many times they'll feel a tingling in their hands, or their hands start itching, or their hands get hot. They will feel something.

Editor: You were explaining to me the other night that a lot of times we've got to get out of our heads and into the heart, into the feeling part of ourselves.

John Springer: That's absolutely right.

Editor: Now could you address how you generally perceive the spiritual world and how it was that you came to embark upon the spiritual path that you're on now?

John Springer: That's an interesting question. After being raised on a farm in Indiana and my mother said that I used to sit on the cows when I was three. She never figured how I got up on the cows, and then I saw the movie Crocodile Dundee and he pointed to this bull and he dropped to his knees and I went, "I know that trick. I've done that trick." I had no problem with the bulls in the fields, or the cows. I would walk amongst them without any problem, and they would drop to their knees and I would climb up on them, and that's why I got addicted to salt. I literally shared the salt lick with them. I would lick the salt lick with the cows.

Editor: Okay. Well, you were young. (Laugh)

John Springer: Yeah, that's right. And I remember that I could call a hawk to me when I was young and on the farm, and this red tail hawk would fly to me and land maybe five feet from me and I could literally step into his body and fly through his eyes.

Editor: Sounds like an old shaman's trick.

John Springer: Yeah, and I find myself speaking this language. It's a very interesting language, and I asked my mother about it and she goes, "Well, you know, either you're talking in tongues, or you're speaking the language in which you spoke before."

Editor: Your mother sounds like she's got a little bit of mystic in her.

Now a mutual Native American friend of ours, a teacher and explorer named Wanda Dove Tice Reed of Hamilton, Alabama, encouraged me recently to do this interview with you, and Dove, as you well know, is a genuine delight. My wife Joan and I have had the pleasure of knowing her for some twelve years now. We've been in dozens of sweat lodges with her and been part of dozens of other memorable and wonderful events and activities. Everyone who crosses paths with Dove has fond memories and stories to share. Well, most everybody anyway. (laughs) How about you?

John Springer: I met her originally in Tiger, Georgia. She was staying at a place called Four Winds Village, which is an Essence Faithists community in the northeast portion of Georgia, near Clayton. And we just had this connection and I would sit down with her and talk with her and we stayed in touch after that, and I remember after she got back home again and she called me up, and this was probably in the early 1990s, and she said, "My sons are getting away from God. How do I get them back in touch?" I said, "Have them go out and hug a tree for 20 minutes." I said, "By hugging the tree they will be hugging God." She did have them do that and she said that it did make a difference.

I've shared that story with many who, when they ask me what church I belong to, I'll say, "The church of the tree," even though I was raised Methodist. I traveled in Japan with three Catholic priests, a Catholic nun, a Baptist minister, a Methodist minister, a Quaker minister, and a Zen Buddhist monk, and stayed in a Zen Buddhist monastery and visited other religious establishments, became Catholic when I returned and chose Saint Guthlac who would talk to the angels and the spirits of the forest, and the Bishop said, "Oh, you're the only one who has ever selected him. He'll take very good care of you."

Editor: Well, I would say that the church of the tree has probably been around longer than the rest of them.

John Springer: That's right. I remember somebody asking me that at a gathering of psychics and healers. Most of them were from Cassadaga, and I remember putting my hands straight up, above my head, and then straight down to the trees, and saying, "Church of the tree." And they went, "Oh, I like that."

Editor: That's part of the shamanic belief system and has been around for what, 50,000 years?

John Springer: Yes, at least, and I have many, many lifetimes with that.

Editor: Now the other night when we were talking you mentioned your UFO related experience in Washington State, in the vicinity of Mount Rainer.

John Springer: Right. I remember my lady friend and I had dinner, and it was a full moon night I recall, and it was so funny. This is a side note on this. We arrived at Mount Rainer at a place called Paradise, near the summit, with a huge lodge, and this guy comes over with a map and says, "Are you from around here?" And I said, "No, I'm from Orlando, Florida." He said he was from the Orlando area too and we started talking and sure enough we knew the same people.

Editor: It's a small world.

John Springer: Small world. And then I go into the gift shop and there were T-shirts and sweatshirts with Mickey Mouse, and I think, "I can't get away from this rat." Then there were deer grazing near the summit, near the lodge, and I walked among the deer, and I was able to touch them. My lady friend was freaking out saying, "What are you doing?" I said, "I'm not afraid of them and they're not afraid of me."

Editor: Kind of like an animal whisperer.

John Springer: Yeah. So we had dinner at Paradise, an interesting name, and we were staying with friends in Rochester, Washington, which was about 200 miles away, and so we decided to drive on back, and I remember coming down the mountain road there were two huge porcupines crossing the road. And as we're driving back and it's late we all of a sudden got very tired. I thought, "My Gosh, I don't know why we're so tired." So I found a side road and pulled off and we started to put the seats back and we immediately were put to sleep. Now I don't know if we were that tired and we fell asleep, or something caused us to go to sleep. Then we sort of awoke at the same time and we drove a bit further, another 100 miles or so, and again it was like we all of a sudden got really, really tired. Pulled off again and gone. Went to sleep again and I went, "What the heck is going on here?" I knew that something was going on but I didn't know what was going on. So we finally made it back to our friend's house early in the morning and slept, woke up the next morning and I noticed all of a sudden I went, "Oh my God!" She had circular bruises. These bruises were two inches across, on various parts of her body. She had about 8 bruises and one of the bruises was directly over her navel, bruises over her ovaries, bruises over her kidney points, bruises in her groin area, and I was like, "Did you go through cupping yesterday?" No," she goes, "I don't bruise this easily. You do." And I do. I bruise very easily, and there were no bruises on me. And I went, "Hmm. Something happened."

So anyway, we came back home and a friend of mine I shared this with said, "You need to talk to Robyn Quail." Robyn Quail works with abductees. So we contacted her and we did a past life regression for abductees, and sure enough my lady friend was taken down in trance and I got to hear hers, and sure enough we were both taken up and she was examined on this table, in this examining room, with all of these interesting characters of different races. It wasn't just greys. There were a bunch of different races, and she described them and everything. And so she took me down and you could hear on the tape where she took me down and from that point on you couldn't hear a thing. Nothing shows up on the tape, until she takes me back out, and she was like, "I don't understand. This has never happened before. But let me share with you what you said." I was taken up too and she said I said, "I saw her on the table," but I was given a tour of the ship. I was introduced to others and they even let me fly it.

So I was given a tour and, you know, after I heard that I went, "Oh my God, who am I?"

Editor: Who are you?

John Springer: I don't know. There were like tall blonds and blue people. It was like an intergalactic ship. It was huge! And it was almost like you put your hand on this panel and with your thought you guided the ship.

Editor: So you got to drive it awhile. How did you communicate with the others?

John Springer: It was all mental.

Editor: Did you have any idea what the shape of the ship was?

John Springer: No, I don't have a clue on that because I was inside.

Editor: Where did you take it off to for a spin? Was it between here and the moon?

John Springer: That I don't know. I don't know if I was just jumping between mountains or flying around the earth a few times. I don't recall that. I know that we were way out there.

It was just very interesting, and then to have the Cosmic Council experiences after that it was like, "Who am I really?"

Editor: Was it soon after that that you had that?

John Springer: Yup. Ah. I've got to think about that one. The Cosmic Council Meetings were I think in that same time period because I was living in College Park and I was involved with this lady at that time. I don't know if it was before or after that time period. I think it was after that time period because this would have been 1990 and the council meetings came about I think in 1991.

The Cosmic Council Meetings involved avatars, master teachers, saints, healers and selected members according to their earth assignment and has been happening for eons. There are many humans, this time around, that have been an avatar, saint, master teachers, shaman, or other high spiritual beings in the past that have volunteered to return during this lifetime to assist in the transformation and transfiguration of our planet and its members.

Editor: And that experience was something that was very evidential for you because so many other people described the same thing to you later, correct?

John Springer: Oh yeah. It was like when you have some of these episodes happening you think, "Am I the only one going crazy, or are there others?" (John laughs) And when others came to me and told me the same story it was like, "Oh, I know this storyline," and then to have others call me it was like, "How do they know to call me to tell me this storyline?"

Editor: Could you run through it again, how it happened for you the first time?

John Springer: I'm a landscape designer by profession and I'm hearing in my head, "We need to talk. Now!" And I already had a connection with the Cosmic Committee, so it wasn't anything unusual to get a directive, but it was just that it was like "We need to talk now!" Oh dear! I go, "I have an appointment at 4 o'clock I can't just" "No, we need it now. You've got to find a place and park." So I found a place and I parked under a tree and I put my seat back and locked the doors and God, just like "wham," I was gone, and then I came back in and I turned on the car to see what time it was and it was 5:55. And I went, "I wonder where I'm at?" because I didn't remember where I was at or what day it was or anything else. I was like, "Where was I? What happened?" I had no recollection. Then I realized that I had to be in Winter Haven by 7:30 and I went, "Oh my God, I've got to go home and take a shower and change and leave again," which was another hour and a half drive, and the odd part was that I made it on time. I had never been to this group meeting before. I'm not a Huna healer, though everybody claims that I am, and I sit down and as we're taking a break, and I knew most of the people there anyway, one lady pulled me aside and said, "John, I had the weirdest experience today. At 4 o'clock I get this message, 'We need to talk now!' and she repeats the entire storyline and says she woke up at 5:55, covered with sweat, didn't know where she was at, and I went, 'I know this storyline.' And it was just like, "Oh my God!" and then to have so many others to communicate with me, in the same week, with the same storyline.

Editor: How many people came to you?

John Springer: Over all there were seven of us, and then I encountered another person five years later that was talking about it to a friend of hers, who had a gathering, and when I sketched out the table and showed it to her (I didn't say a word to her). All I did was say, "Does this look familiar?" and she goes, "Oh my God, you were there." Yup, I was there.

Editor: Yet you said that you know there was a meeting but you can't remember what was talked about.

John Springer: Nope. I don't know what was said.

Editor: But since you do remember some details of what you saw, can you take a moment and describe what you remember?

John Springer: Think of a triangle. Round out at the corners and place a circle near the rounded corner matching the curvature of the rounded corner. There have been recorded sightings of space ships with this same configuration. It was a very large conference table with thirty three people seated on each side.

Editor: But of course you don't know consciously what was said?

John Springer: Consciously, that's correct. My soul knows, and I think it might be related to earth awareness, planting more seeds and waking up more people.

Editor: With many so-called abductees and contactees there seems to be a great deal of their waking time, especially after contact, that is devoted to trying to make others aware of the environment, earth awareness and things.

Another thing that I was wondering if you could tell again was what you mentioned about the apparitions of planes that flew over and there was no sound.

John Springer: I've heard about others having that same experience. The first time was in high school. I think it was my senior year, in 1964, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Arsenal Technical High School. We had an enrollment of 9000. The campus used to be a civil war training campground and some of the buildings were there during the civil war. The original barracks, barn, guard house, and arsenal. There were fourteen buildings on campus.

So anyway, a bunch of us were standing in front of the arsenal and talking and somebody said "look up!" It was a low wing small airplane sitting there about a 1000 feet up. Sitting there. Not moving, and we could see the propeller, and it wasn't moving. We were going, "This is not normal. This is not real. Is this real?" We're all going, "Well we all see it." I think that there were about 10 or 12 of us.

Editor: Kind of like a hologram of some kind?

John Springer: Right.

Editor: Were you seeing it like the underbelly or was it like the reflected image of..

John Springer: No, we're seeing the underbelly of it.

Editor: Very strange.

John Springer: Very strange. Then we sort of like took our eyes away from it, talking about it, and we looked up again and it was gone. We had no idea what to call it. Didn't know what we saw, except that there was an airplane sitting there. Did it fall? Where did it go? We couldn't figure it out.

I was in college when I came across the C-130's. I was on a school break and I was staying with my parents in Fairland, Indiana, near Shelbyville, Indiana. I was driving to Rushville, Indiana, in southeast Indiana, near Indianapolis, and I came across a road (I forget what road I was on) but it was a corridor where UFOs had been seen. I had some friends of mine tell me about this glowing ball that came over their car and landed in a field, and in fact they took me to the field to show me the burned circle in the middle of the field. And as I was driving this road there were like these C-130's, flying box cars, came right over the top of me, probably 500 feet, if that. Like at tree top levels. Now C-130's are pretty danged noisy and there was no sound. No sound at all. They were in formations of three, three and three. There were nine of them.

Editor: This was at night?

John Springer: No, this was in the daytime. And what was interesting is that within probably 5 to 10 miles from this location is the Indiana National Guard State Headquarters at the Shelbyville Airport. So I called them up that day and asked, "Where are your closest C-130s?" "They're in Ohio." I said, "I just saw nine of them, flying at tree top level." The guy said, "Impossible."

Editor: How about your spiritual experiences. I know that you believe and deal with the angelic realm, nature spirits and things. Have you had any personal experiences that you'd care to share?

John Springer: I've had so many phenomena happen. Oh yeah, I could tell you about a phenomenon that happened in 2002. It was a very bizarre year. On January 10th, of that year, my oldest brother was killed in a plane crash. He had built an airplane and he was out flying it, the carbon monoxide got to him and he was succumbed to by carbon monoxide and crashed into Mosquito Lagoon, near Titusville, Florida. And ironically I had a friend of mine fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon at the time and they took pictures of the accident.

That happened on 01-10. On 02-20, February 20th, that same year, I was involved in a head-on collision. There was a boy who was 16 years old who had already gone through three speed traps, clocked doing 99 in a 55 mile zone, and he was driving his mother's Chevy SUV. He was on what we call State Road 414, or Maitland Boulevard, and I was on a road called Eden Park Road, and I was turning into the left turn lane and there was a car in front of me, and he came around that corner on two wheels and drove straight into me. My guides Gus was saying, "Do you think you can get away from this fool?" and I went, "I don't think so." And then crunch, he drove straight into me.

Now the interesting part of this is that his airbags didn't go off, my airbags didn't go off, he tried to bag up and get away from me and I saw people at all four corners of this intersection waving their arms, like in the movie Angels In The Out Field, to let the police know where he was at. The strange part of this is that I've never seen people at all four corners of that intersection at the same time. I travel that intersection all of the time and I have never seen people at all four corners, and I have never seen it since. And I saw these people (and maybe they weren't people) and they disappeared after the police surrounded him. They just weren't there. Now what was also unusual is that he was not hurt and I was not hurt. The police are shaking their heads as they're walking around the accident scene. I ask them, "What's wrong? What's going on?" They said, "We've never seen this happen before. We've always seen blood." I went, "Sorry to disappoint you."

And the surprising part was that I gathered up my headlights. I have a Mercury Villager and I think it was designed for head-on collisions because the radiator is located many inches from the engine block and the fuse box is designed to be smooshed up against the battery, and after I gathered up all of the pieces of my car I drove my car home, and I had my contractor and my house mate follow me home, to make sure that the car would make it home, and they said I dropped little parts all of the way home. I only lived a mile away. I moved the car one more time after I got it home and when we had it towed to the dealership, to the body shop, they said that they could not start the car and when I told them that I had driven the car home they said, "That was impossible."

I'm still driving that car. In fact, the last trip that we did, to North Carolina, I recorded the mileage, and you know how many miles per gallon I was getting? 28 to 32 miles per gallon.

Editor: That's good.

John Springer: People say, "Why don't you trade it in?" I say, "With this mileage, why should I?"

Now this kid had a false ID, had no drivers license, had a temporary license, and they took him to jail for three days. He barely missed the car in front of me by an inch. Many people said that it was a good thing that he hit me for several reasons. I had probably saved many lives because of it. He was out of control. If he hadn't hit me then he would have rolled the SUV, and also school had just let out, less than a mile away, and there were kids on both sides of the road. It could have easily killed any of them.

There was a fire department guy who came running up to me, as I sat there, and said, "I'll be a witness for you," and I said, "Okay," and he asked if I was fine and I was fine. He didn't see the crash but he heard the crash because he lived in the house right nearby and the guy in front of me saw the crash because he saw the guy come around the corner literally on two wheels.

I called up my other brother and told him, "Do not leave the house on the 30th of March." He said why, and I said, "There's a pattern here." Harold died on the 10th of January, I had a head-on collision on the 20th of February, so on March 30th, I told him, "You'd better stay home."

He did. Just to make sure. (laughed) Just in case. And everybody was shocked. "You're not hurt?" No, I wasn't bleeding, I walked around. I even went to a job site right afterwards. I was a little bit shaken.

That's probably the most profound story. I remember in college I was driving home (it was probably in 1968 or something like that). My degree is from Purdue University in landscape architecture and so I was driving home and there was a bunch of other cars and a voice came into my head and said "Get off the road." So I go into this service station and I take inventory. Did I need to go to the bathroom. No. Did I need to make a phone call. No. Do I need to get something to eat. No. Why am I off the road? Do I need gas. No.

Okay, so I get back on the road and all of the cars that I had been with were involved in a multi-car accident.

Editor: Then you knew.

John Springer: I knew. Yup, sure did.

Editor: You mentioned your spirit contact with GUS. Could you explain some about who or what GUS is?

John Springer: I was introduced to G.U.S. by Beverly Watson, then from Charlotte, North Carolina, and now near Irving, Texas. She is of the Seven-Fold Foundation. Now GUS is Gods, Goddesses, Guardians Up Stairs. Now I have just recently added Gnomes, Gremlins, Genies and Green Men and Women to the mix at the directives of GUS.

Oh and I have to share this story. This is in reference to trust. I was driving up to North Carolina in my RV, which I had a Dolphin for awhile which I called Lovejoy, and when I stayed with Dove I was in Lovejoy and near her is Lovejoy Freewill Baptist Church, which I thought was most appropriate.

So anyway I was driving up and it was late one night in the Carolinas and the gas light comes on. I was getting low on fuel and I'm hearing "Pull off at the next exit," and I look out there and I went "But it's dark, it's dark." I'm driving a little bit closer and its "Pull off at the next exit!" I'm like "You guys must be crazy. It's dark as blazes out there." Then as I'm finally almost there it's, "Pull off at the next exit NOW!" "Okay, okay, I'll pull off." So I get up at the top of the exit and I look to my left there's nothing, black as anything, there's nothing there. I look to my right and it's black. Well, however, there's a gas station there, and I'm thinking, "I am in an RV. I can pull up to a pump sort of like sleep at the pump and sort of be there when they wake up in the morning." So I pull into this gas station with no lights on anywhere and I pull up and I come to a pump and I turn off my lights and I turn off my engine, and then wham, all of the lights start coming on, all the way across. I went, "Oh my gosh, what the heck is going on?" This lady comes out and said, "Something was making me stay. I usually am closed by this time but I kept hearing "Stay put. There's someone who needs gas. Wait for them." She said, "I'll turn the pumps on for you."

Editor: She's got the gift too. (we laugh)

John Springer: Another one, very similar to that, I was coming back from North Carolina in my car, with a friend of mine, one of my healer friends, and we needed gas and we pulled into this gas station, up to the pump, and my friend goes, "What are you doing? The gas station is not open." I said "I know, but we need gas and someone will be here." He said, "How do you know that?" and I said, "I haven't a clue, but I just know that." And sure enough, within 15 minutes the owner of the gas station shows up, with his sons in his car, and he goes, "I'll turn the pumps on for you." And then he goes, "I want you to know that I just came from the hospital. My wife is in the hospital," and we ended up doing healing prayers for his wife at the gas pump. He goes, "A voice was telling me that I needed to go to the gas station to help someone and that they were going to help me."

It blew my friend away!

Do you mind another story? Again I was in my RV and I was going through a town called Vallonia, Indiana. Vallonia missed becoming the capital of Indiana and lost to Indianapolis by one vote. This is in Southern Indiana, right along I-65. There's no stop lights in this town. Just a flashing light, and that's it, and as I'm driving through town and get to the other side of town I hear "Look at the angel on the hill," and I turn to my left and there's a magnificent angel in this little cemetery, in the middle of a mellon field, up on a knoll, and I'm hearing "Turn around. Find out about the angel on the hill." So I turn my Dolphin around and I go to the only gas station in town and I said, "Who knows about the angel on the hill?" A lady goes, "Oh, that's Bill Hunsucker. He has a greenhouse right down the road." They gave me directions to his place. So I go down to the greenhouse and I knock on the door and I said, "I'm here to see Bill Hunsucker about the angel on the hill." He goes, "I'm Bill Hunsucker. Follow me down. I'll take you there." I follow him and we park and we're walking and come to find out he's a Purdue graduate. I thought, "Well, this is pretty wild. We're right in the heart of Indiana University country and here's a Purdue graduate."

We quietly go up this little knoll and sure enough it's a family cemetery plot with this angel. I've never seen an angel like this before. He said that his grandfather bought this angel in France in 1924 and he had it shipped back to Vallonia, Indiana to be put into the family cemetery plot. They put it up on a pedestal. I've got lots of pictures of it, and I've shared it with people and people literally break down and cry when they see the photos of this angel. And as we're walking back to our vehicles he turns to me and says, "I've been expecting you." I go, "What are you talking about?" He goes, "The holy spirit told me that someone would be coming asking about the angel on the hill."

Editor: And someone told you to turn around, didn't they?

John Springer: That's right. I went, "Oh my gosh," and I have a really strong holy spirit connection, and in fact I have a portrait that has been done for me that portrays the holy spirit surrounded by rainbows. As I left him I saw a round barn. I love round barns. I love taking pictures of round barns. So I pulled off the road to take pictures of this round barn and a farmer comes out and waves his hands and goes, "Stop, stop!" and I said "You don't want me to take pictures of your round barn?" He says, "Oh no, I want you to take pictures of it. I want to move all my vehicles out of the way so that you can take a better picture. I knew you were coming." I went, "Excuse me?" He goes, "I saw you walking in the field with Bill Hunsucker. I knew you were coming here next." And he was a Purdue graduate too.

Talk about being guided, that's really being guided, and I get a lot of those experiences.

Editor: Yeah, that's a lot of precognition and synchronicity.

John Springer: I have one more I'd like to share. This is in reference to nature. I was coming back from a National Federation of Spiritual Healers Conference with a lady friend and we pulled into the botanical gardens south of Athens (Georgia). It was on my birthday, the 14th of October. We were walking and we come across this area of the gardens that said "Mature Climax Forest" and my lady friend goes "Well John, this describes you very well. Mature, climax, and forest. Yeah, that's the three words that fit you real well!" So I have a picture of me standing by the sign and we're walking the trails in this Mature Climax Forest and we get to this deck and we were laying on this deck and I said, "Oh, by the way, I can talk to the wind." She goes, "Oh yeah, sure you can." I said, "No watch," and I moved my hands in a counterclockwise manner and asked the wind to come down. Sure enough we could see the wind, coming through the treetops and comes right over us. She was like, "Oh wow!" And I said, "Now I want you to focus in on a leaf way up in the trees and point it out to me and then ask that leaf to come to you." Sure enough, she had a leaf way out there and she asked that leaf to come to her and we watched that leaf break away and literally float through the forest, around trees and hitting up winds and everything else, and it came and landed on her heart, and her entire body shook.

She said that was a changing life experience for her.

When I do my enchanted walkabouts I get people to pay attention to the waving leaves, spinning leaves, and to communicate with all of nature. In fact, I talked with a lady today from Washington State who is wanting to come and be a part of our fairy and earth school that we're putting together in North Carolina and she's looking to connect with others who can communicate with the many realms of God. That's what we do. We truly teach people how to communicate with all of these many realms. Especially the flowers. When you start talking to the trees and start talking to the flowers, it's like when we pick fruit off of a tree we thank the tree for the fruit that it provides and in picking that fruit we feel the love of that tree in acknowledging our love of it. There is a taste difference in fruit that you love and that you're picking and acknowledging than fruit that you buy in the store. That's why we encourage people in our classes to do blessings.

Have you ever gone into a restaurant and everybody is angry? Well, chances are the cook was angry and that anger energy went into all of the food that was prepared by the angry cook. Thus everybody becomes angry. So it's very important to bless your food and bless your water and everything which came forth and you won't be sort of like taken in by the anger. It won't become you.

You know, a very good way to protect yourself from someone who is extremely angry and they're trying to direct it toward you, is to put your hands over your solar plexus and it will protect you and it will keep your power.

I want to share now something about getting personal power. After my father died I felt like I was off balance. I needed to get re-grounded. It was recommended that I go to these two healers that worked as a team. So I went to them and they had a very interesting methodology. They would get out a large piece of paper and give you a basket of crayons and ask you to draw something and they would do an interpretation of what's going on and what's happening, and I did something very unusual. I drew with both hands and I found myself drawing an image literally a mirror image of itself, because I was doing the opposite of one hand to the other. I went, "Well I've never done this like this before. What the heck is going on?" One of the healers looks at this and he goes, "Oh my gosh, you're of the Golden Ray." Now I've never heard that terminology before. I went, "Well this is real interesting. I wonder what all that means?" So they put me in this room, this healing room, and they had all of these deities on the walls with Buddha, Jesus, and crystals and everything else, Mohammad, and a whole bunch of others, saints and all, and so I'm laying on a table and I literally go out and I have no idea where I went, and I mean quickly too. When I sort of came back in they had laid out a crystal grid on me and these crystals start flying off of me, whizzing past my head. I'm like, "Something's happened here." I go to the door and the door is locked, from the inside. I can unlock it but it's locked. It's only been a couple of hours (not even that) later. I walk down the hallway of this home that I'm in and both the healers are asleep. So I left.

Come to find out they tried to do some work on me and they were literally pushed out of the room by my guides and the door was locked behind them and they were put to sleep by my guides. Apparently they were trying to take my personal power away and so a friend of mine gave me this exercise to do, and he said to create a circle, sit or stand, and say out loud, "I give back to you any power I may have taken from you and demand back all of the power that you've taken from me," and say it three times to the four directions, and then lay down. I did that, and Oh my God, I was laying down and I could feel all of this energy coming back into me through the top of my head, out through the toes and bottoms of my feet, I could feel it blasting through my hand, my fingertips, all of the minor and major chakra points felt like they were popping open and I experienced the essence of my soul. Now I didn't know that it was the essence of my soul, but I was going, "Why am I drooling this stickiness? Why does my skin feel different? Why do I smell like apricots?" Well, it was the essence of my soul. I went to a Catholic priest to find out the answers and that's when he gave me the terminology. "Oh, you were experiencing the essence of your soul." He said, "Jesus's essence is gardenias. Mary's essence was roses. Everybody has an essence of the soul."

I first thought, "Was it because I ate a lot of apricots and I loved dried apricots?" That wasn't the case. It was the vibrational qualities of apricots which is golden and pink. My aura is golden and pink.

Now I also want to share with you what soul tears are. Soul tears are the tears that come closest to the ears. Human tears are the tears that come closest to the nose, because that's where the tear ducts are at, and many times you'll tear soul tears when something touches your soul. It could be music, it could be a sunset, it could be a rainbow, it could be children, it could be a movie, it could be a beautiful scene, it could be nothing. And if it happens on the left side it's something to do with females in your life and if it happens on your right side then it happens with males in your life.

It's a different chemical composition than the human tears.

Editor: And it's around your ears?

John Springer: No, no, no. It comes from the corners of the eyes closest to the ears.

Those are soul tears.

Editor: And you've experienced that?

John Springer: Oh gosh, all of the time. A lot of people do. They just don't have a word to call it.

What I've been doing is giving people permission to remember their divine connections. I do it through the enchanted walkabouts or what I call my cosmic grab bag or my boogie busting and spiritual house cleaning.

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