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Film Of 1954 Extraterrestrial and U.S. President Eisenhower Meeting?

by Ed Komarek

I would like to detail the case of a personal local contact that I had years ago. The contact was Sam Standland who was the biological father of a contactee friend of mine. Extraterrestrial (ET) contact runs in the family. My contactee friend put me in touch with Sam years ago and had me go interview him at his trailer where he lived east of Cairo, Georgia, about 30 miles. He had contacted the Pentagon to see if it was okay to talk but they did not get back with him right away so I went over to interview him along with my contactee friend.

It would seem that Sam had fallen through the cracks because his military records had been burnt up in a fire in the 1970's. After he talked with me, the Pentagon got back with him and when they found out that he had talked to me they read him the riot act and even threatened a friend of his that I had not had contact with. His trailer was burglarized and all his papers taken and were later replaced with new different ones. He and his friend went out and got drunk together after all this went down. Still he secretly told more of his story to his biological daughter over a period of several years.

I seem to have lost my report on this case but what I remember from the interview was that he had been in the Air Force and flew in the western United States with a group of pilots around 60 I seem to remember, that took gun camera photos of UFOs. This was in the 1950's and I think he said the Air Force had 9 saucers in 1959. He was transferred to the Pentagon where he held a top secret clearance. While he worked at the Pentagon he had access to files where he saw photos of both dead and live aliens. One was where several different types of live ET’s were lined up against an underground tunnel wall. The pictures were taken by Jimmy Doolittle.

I also remember him telling me about seeing pictures of a crashed saucer inside a hanger. The core of the saucer was on a flatbed truck and the saucer itself lay on the floor with a big hole in its side with pipes and things hanging out. He said the craft had hit the ground very hard and the core of the craft punched through the wall of the craft making the hole. He said the core was heavy but the craft itself was light and could easily be picked up by two men.

I had not heard from my contactee friend for quite awhile and yesterday I thought I ought to write up this case for my blog as I have been building up some cases so that others can see a little of the evidence upon which I base my thinking. Today I got a call from this friend and ended up talking with this friend for a couple of hours this evening.

My friend said that Sam also told her about viewing a black and white movie of the meeting between President Eisenhower and human ET’s which I assume was the alleged 1954 meeting. My friend says that it showed the three craft coming down over the runway doing some flight demonstrations and one craft landed and human ET’s came out. They said that they were willing to cooperate and give mankind technology to cure disease and cheap non polluting energy technology if they would make concessions in regards to warfare and other things but Eisenhower said the government was not ready for that and that cheap energy technology would severely disrupt the economy.

The ET’s were lead into a hanger where the men pulled guns on them and said they would be forced to give out the information. The ET’s walked out through the wall of the hanger and went back to their ship and did some more demonstrations like disappearing and reappearing and then left. This apparently contributed to Eisenhower’s heart attack Sam told his daughter.

It is not clear between my friend and I if Sam was involved in briefing other folks like airmen or was briefed for some other reason. My friend also says that Sam told her that he was in North Africa and he watched as two jets tried to shoot down a craft and the jets were disintegrated. He saw this with his own eyes. My friend also said that Sam told her about the military gathering up transceivers scattered about the country by the ET’s that when dropped on the ground would bury into the ground so as to be hard to see.

This story seems consistent with other folks testimony from the 1950's. I thought Sam told me he retired because of a disability in the late 1950's but my friend thinks that he just might have been moved to the Pentagon for work in the 1960's. Sam died a number of years ago so I can publish his name. I remember writing up a report on this at the time but have not been able to find it. There was much more detail but my memory of the interview has faded. I did not want to make this case public because of trouble to Sam and the family.

I do remember that this was the first time I had heard the name of Jimmy Doolittle associated with Extraterrestrials. I even talked to John Lear about this over the phone and he confirmed that Jimmy Doolittle was involved. He said that when he first got involved with UFOs his mother was concerned and called the family friend, Jimmy Doolittle about UFOs and he said yes they are real but I can’t talk about it. This is a rather small detail but its new information like this that really strengthens a story in my mind. I also had never heard of a crash where the heavy core punched a hole through the outside of the saucer either. He also said that there were crashes before 1947, another thing that I had not heard at the time. I seem to remember the date of a pre 1947 crash as 1942. I think Sam’s story should be taken seriously. There is nothing like personally meeting and talking to people and hearing their stories directly, especially those who do not want to go public because of the repercussions.

About the writer:

Ed Komarek Jr. was born into a family of early ecologists and learned ecology and the natural sciences as a apprentice. He holds no formal degrees as did neither Herb Stoddard or his father Ed Komarek Sr. (Ed Komarek Sr. did later in life get an honorary doctorate for his lifetime of work from Florida State University).

Herb Stoddard and close friend Aldo Leopold are recognized as the fathers of Ecology. Herb Stoddard was Ed's father's mentor, who later became known internationally as the father of Fire Ecology and who waged a lifetime info-war against 'Smokey The Bear' anti-fire propagandists. Herb was like a grandfather to young Ed.

In his early twenties Ed Komarek Jr. dropped out of college where he was majoring in wildlife management to strike out on his own into what was later to be called Exopolitics, long before the name Exopoltics was coined by Alfred Webre, JD.

Never in his wildest dreams did young Ed expect that later in life the fields of ecology and exopolitics would converge into even another field of advanced study becoming known as astro-ecology.

Ed Komarek first became interested in UFO/ET over thirty years ago. He co-founded Operation Right To Know with Mike Jamieson in the early 1990's to call for political solutions to the UFO cover-up that was subverting scientific investigations of UFO/ET.

Recently Ed finds himself on the leading edge of expolitics and astro-ecology and immersed in what he now sees as a long standing info-war against elite autocrats and their propagandists that are responsible for obstructing the public right to know in regards to the cosmic neighbourhood.

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Art Champoux has been a UFO investigator since 1964. He has worked with Ray Fowler, Walter Webb, John Keel, a lady that he can not name, and several different UFO groups. In the 1960s he was with APRO, CAPER, NICAP, then when APRO went out he was with NICAP and then APRO. Now he is with MUFON. The world of the paranormal has always fascinated him, even as a small boy he had some eerie happenings. His Great grandmother was a spirit medium so maybe he has inherited something. He is a hypnotist and has written for several publications and his leanings are much like John Keels. He believes there is an ultra force, not from outer space, but much like John's and even Jaques Vallees' contention...we are but one dimension out of many that reign on this planet.

Raymond Fowler: Best UFOlogist
of the 20th Century
by Art Champoux

Posted: 14:55 November 12, 2007

Raymond Fowler is one of the best UFO investigators/researchers, authors and personalities of this century. I know because I worked with him on some significant UFO sightings and cases. This man is meticulous. Nothing gets past him. He used his talents and time to search out the best cases in New England and far beyond the state's borders.

He worked for the government in the United States Air Force Security Service. He went out and gave a huge amount of time to his passion: the study of UFOs.

He was unrelenting; his passion for the truth was as great as if not greater then Agent Fox Mulder of the X-Files TV program.

Ray did not get paid for his investigations but he didn't care. His passion for the subject brought him into a world that was controversial and filled with enigmatic happenings. Due to his experience and first hand knowledge Ray began publishing books based on his case studies. These books, although popular with UFOlogists did not make him a rich man but did offset some of his experiences.

Ray appeared on TV shows and debated Donald Menzel ((April 11, 1901 - December 14, 1976) was an American astronomer and astrophysicist. He was one of the leading astronomers of his era, and also earned notoriety as an early skeptic of UFOs as an extraordinary phenomenon.

He had a top-notch team of people that supported his quest to find the truth of UFOs in New England. His expertise brought him to testify before the US House Senate Committee.

His many books describe the intensity of the UFO enigma, from his first investigations and his own personal experiences as an abductee. His views changed regarding UFOs and their occupants as he learned more in his own personal life and was empathetic in helping others as they struggled with their own enigmatic paranormal experiences.

On more then one occasion he helped me with my own investigations into the unknown. Along with Walter Webb, Ray and myself, we thoroughly investigated entities seen in a UFO over an airport in Haverhill, Massachusetts. At other times I would go to his Wenham house and ask him questions or ask his advice on sightings I had in the 1960s and 1970s. Ray was a very patient man. He was caring and was an intense investigator that separated the wheat from the chaff.

If you want to follow the most intense journey of one of the most famous UFO investigators life of all time you must read and understand the scientific mind of Ray Fowler. I know I have reviewed his books here, but to know the man is an interesting story in itself.

Ray is the best of the best. Ray is married and has several children. Now he enjoys the relaxation earned over a lifetime of work and of using his personal observatory in the back yard of his rural home in coastal Maine. Although, he is well educated he constantly searches for answers and enjoys looking at the stars.

With an intense love for the study of UFOs he also had an intense love for his family. This quiet unassuming gentle man has devoted most of his free time to investigating, studying and helping people who have been abducted by UFOs.

Maybe some people did not understand him or know why he is so entrenched in his beliefs. In his autobiography he explains his motives, including the fact that he was a UFO abductee himself.

I had this passion also. For over 40 years now I have been passionate about reporting UFOs. Why? I guess I can relate to Ray Fowler. After all he taught me. I had some very enigmatic encounters also. I reported to him about my MIB encounters and some very enigmatic cars in the 60s and 70s. He was not sure of these whole phenomena. But he listened and tried to help. I know now I was abducted at an early age and grew up in a house where my great grand mother talked to an Indian guide in the spirit world. She found things and people for free. No charge! I think I have some of that in me.

I see things and feel things and even have sensed things that others have not. My feelings when reading Ray Fowler's books was one of a sense that a lot of that book could have been me. He was my mentor and my friend.

Just this week, Ray and I have been emailing each other. He is going to try to help me out in a personal matter with a UFO study group. He does not have to, but again, this is a man with a purpose and a drive to help others.

He has written many books and given of his time to help other abductees. Why - because he truly cares. His works on TV with abductees and other people who have had some encounters with these otherworldly entities have been well documented and shown on TV. Some examples are the "Allagash Abductions: Undeniable Evidence of Alien Intervention", you must read that book along with the Betty and Barney Hill case he assisted in some capacity.

I cannot say enough about Raymond Fowler. Words and awe of his total dedication to his non-paying passion for the scientific study of the UFO mystery are not enough. If you have some of his books you know what I mean. Buy all of his books. You will never be bored. In fact I have given away a lot of his books to other people to read then have to go out to buy more of his books for myself.

I must end this by saying that Ray's work in the past must follow his legacy in search for the truth. His unrelenting style and his passion for the accuracy of his research and reports are unmatched in the annals of UFOlogy.

If one is just interested in UFOlogy then read Ray's books. If you are a serious researcher you must read his books. If you want to read compelling evidence of one mans personal passion and why he pursued this mysterious subject, again, read Raymond Fowlers' books. Not to hold him up as an idol, he would not want that, but to see what he learned, lived, and his devotion to the human race and to people this really human caring man has for his fellow humans who he shares this planet with in peace and love for the human race. This is the man behind the books and works of one of the leading UFOlogist in the 20th century.

Chuck drew my attention to the following video and article:

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Sleepless nights and farfetched fantasies don't fit the cool, even-tempered personality of Raymond R. Michaels, from Sarasota, FL. Now a 37-year-old cargo handling specialist for a major airline, Ray Michaels - lanky and prematurely bald - lives in Atlanta, GA where he has a wife and two daughters. He owns part interest in a second hand Cessna 150.

To look at Ray Michaels, you'd never know he'd won a Silver Star for valor as an enlisted air crew member in Vietnam in 1964 - flying an unfamiliar aircraft home after its pilot and copilot were severely wounded by Viet Cong gunfire.

You'd never know, either, that Michaels battled a UFO 10 years later in 1974.

"At first I didn't like to talk about it," Ray admits. "It scared me worse than anything I saw in the combat zone.

"In Nam, the enemy was flesh and blood -- a known factor. But this unidentified flying object represented the unknown. Something you can't measure or predict or calculate. Something very spooky." Ray's wife Daniela agrees.

So does neighbor George Jason, who was with Ray Michaels when it happened.

On March 2, 1974, Ray decided to keep a long-standing promise to his neighbor -- to give him a ride in a private plane. The two men met after work at Hyde Field, near Atlanta, where Ray filed a flight plan and showed Jason how a pilot makes a walk-around check before jumping into his plane. It was an hour before sundown when the pair taxied up the runway in the Cessna 150.

"I think I'll take you over to the east." Ray Michaels said. "No mountains over there, so the air should be smooth as glass."

"Don't worry," said Jason, taking his first ride in a light plane. "I'm not afraid. Not a bit."

While Ray checked his instruments and began his take off roll, strange things were happening 40 miles east, in Douglasville, GA.

It began when 11-year-old Danny Marsteller, making evening deliveries on his paper route, spotted an odd, bright-colored flying object hovering over the town's paper mill. While the youngster ran to knock on the nearest door, a couple of dozen people in the town spotted a blob of gold floating smoothly about a mile overhead. Dick Schaffner, an off-duty security guard at the paper mill, leaped into his car and began speeding toward the gilt-colored UFO, toting his 35mm camera...

Ray Michaels gave his Cessna full power, relaxed as the plane's engine took hold with satisfying force, and lifted the craft off the runway, climbing eastward. His passenger looked down with interest at tiny automobiles passing beneath. "It feels comfortable," he ventured.

"Not like an airliner, is it?

"No," Jason answered. "You really see a lot from one of these planes."

He didn't know how much.

To the east, another of the South's many UFO incidents was unfolding with stunning swiftness. Douglasville Sheriff Anthony Del Greco snapped orders to his assistant to answer a deluge of incoming calls, then ran for his police cruiser determined to find out about "that spaceship or whatever it is." Danny Marsteller led an elderly couple to their front door to point out the dazzling gold disc, moving toward the river at town's edge. Dick Schaffner floored the accelerator of his car, peered up at the gently-floating UFO, and told himself it couldn't possibly be a plane, a bird, or a helicopter.

Ray Michael's Cessna came within eyesight of the UFO. While his passenger was still enjoying the bird's eye view of the ground, Ray eased back on the power, leveled the Cessna at 5,000 feet, trimmed the plane for smooth flying -- and stared straight ahead at something that shook him with sudden terror.

"There's a thing up ahead!...."

Crossing in front of Ray's plane at about 300 miles per hour -- three times his own speed - the object appeared to be about 40 feet in diameter and shaped like a pie plate, with bashed in indentation in the center.

In the deepening shadows, the UFO gave off a brilliant gold-colored glare that was almost painful to the eye. As Ray Michaels watched, the object shuddered momentarily -- then made a 90 degree turn!

"Is that some kind of signal light?" George Jason asked.

Up to now, Ray Michael's only worry had been to convince his friend that flying was safe. Now he forgot this. The fear was breaking over Ray in waves. He knew that gold-colored object wasn't any signal light -- or anything else made by Man.

"Listen, George, I can't explain now, but hold on tight. I'm going to have to go into some abrupt maneuvers."

He was anticipating what happened next. The UFO made another 90-degree turn-an impossible maneuver for any man-made aircraft - and came straight at him! Ray was already throwing his wheel forward, pushing his Cessna into a sudden dive that slammed both men back into their seats.

This mid air encounter between UFO and Cessna was witnessed by many people on the ground in Douglasville, including many who later talked to reporters. Schaffner saw it from a distance. Sheriff Del Greco pulled off the road to watch what looked like two objects -- "spaceship" and airplane -- coming together in mid air.

The collision didn't occur.

Ray threw the Cessna into a sharp right bank, the blinding gold light filling his entire field of vision. The UFO fell behind for a moment and Ray -- suddenly dripping sweat, rigid with fear -- struggled with his controls to get away from it.

"I'm sick!" Jason cried. "My God! That's some kind of a flying saucer or something, isn't it?"

"I think so, and I think it's trying to ram us!"

As many eyewitnesses testified, the UFO zigged and zagged in abrupt, sudden maneuvers. This seemed proof enough that the craft was controlled by intelligent beings. Each time Ray Michaels turned, the UFO turned behind him. When he dived, it dived. When Ray tried to veer away from the onrushing mass of blinding light, it stalked him...

Here, as happens so often in the South, was what should have been a "good" UFO encounter -- the kind which yields information for scientists asking what UFOs really are. It had all the ingredients; reliable witnesses, a "close encounter," a trained observer in the air. But again, as happens painfully and too frequently, the people on the scene were too rattled to pause and study the intruder. Ray Michaels admits that as the distance between him and the UFO increased he thought "only about getting out of there."

The end of his struggle coincided with nightfall.

As darkness replaced dusk, the UFO lagged farther behind the wildly-maneuvering Cessna and Ray began to believe he was getting away unharmed. Dick Schaffner was still trying to take pictures. He never got close enough and again the proof -- the documentation so desperately needed by researchers -- never materialized.

After more than 20 minutes of twisting and turning, panicked and sweat drenched in the night air, his passenger terrified beside him, Ray Michaels saw the UFO fading in the distance. He returned to Hyde Field and made a nervous bouncing landing. The two men spilled from their plane shaking with fear and excitement, talking to each other in urgent gasps:

"Weird thing almost collided with us..."

"Flying saucer. Got to be a flying saucer."

"Almost killed us. George, you realize that?"

"Yeah. But what was it"

"Since that day," Michaels says quietly, "I've met other pilots around the South who've seen UFOs. Their experiences aren't very dramatic -- usually it's just spotting a strange light from a distance -- but it convinces me that there is a threat from unidentified objects and that we need to learn more about them."

Michaels says the incident had a shattering impact on his life. For months afterwards, he woke up in a cold sweat thinking of the massive gold light stalking him. For a long while, he talked with Daniels about dropping his flying hobby, or about moving away from Atlanta.

With the passage of time, Ray now feels he's conquered his anxiety. The UFO experience no longer disturbs him. But he feels that something needs to be done to find an explanation for this and other UFO sightings which have become so frequent throughout the South.

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More North County news
Witness to Roswell flying saucer incident tells his story

By Pat Sherman

October 26, 2007

ESCONDIDO – Retired Air Force veteran Milton Sprouse clearly remembers the summer day in 1947 when he returned to Roswell Army Air Field aboard the B-29 bomber Dave's Dream from a three-day maneuver in Florida.

The Escondido resident, then a corporal and engine mechanic in the Army Air Force could not believe what his ground crew was telling him: a UFO had crashed in the New Mexico desert, on a ranch 70 miles away.

The story made the front page of the Roswell Daily Record: “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer,” read the headline.

According to the July 8 story, “the intelligence office of the 509th Bombardment group at Roswell Army Air Field announced ... that the field has come into possession of a flying saucer.”

The craft supposedly had been recovered after the ranch owner notified the sheriff's department, who sent Maj. Jesse Marcel and a team to investigate.

“Marcel and a detail from his department went to the ranch and recovered the disk,” the story stated. “After the intelligence officer here had inspected the instrument it was flown to higher headquarters.”

The next day, the paper retracted the story, claiming that the recovered object was a weather balloon – an account the government stuck with until 1995. It was then announced that the weather balloon story had been fabricated to cover up Project Mogul, a top-secret project involving two-dozen high-altitude neoprene balloons designed to detect Russian nuclear explosions.

According to Sprouse, five of his crew were called to the site to collect the remaining debris and load it onto a flatbed truck. Sprouse was ordered to stay with Dave's Dream in case the military should suddenly need the craft.

“I had reservations of what all they were telling me, because each one of them told something different,” he said. “I thought, 'I don't know.' ... Later on, when it all started coming out in piecemeal, you could put it together and tell what they said was true.”

As years passed, Sprouse grew more comfortable talking about the Roswell Incident.

Author and ufologist Thomas J. Carey interviewed Sprouse three times with co-author Donald Schmitt. Sprouse is mentioned on page 233 of their new book, “Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the 60-Year Cover-Up.”

During his first interview, videotaped at the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, Sprouse was reluctant to talk about the incident, Carey said.

“He was a career Air Force guy, and they're the least likely to speak because of their pensions,” Carey said. “When I interviewed him over the phone in 2001, I got a little more information, and then I interviewed him again last year and got even more. It was an evolution of coming forward.”

Today, as Sprouse recounts the incident, he leans forward in earnest, a conspiratorial gleam in his eyes.

About 500 soldiers sent to the crash site were lined shoulder to shoulder and ordered to scour the property for debris, he said.

“They lined them up and then said, 'We want you to go through this ranch the way you're facing until we tell you to stop, and we want you to pick up everything unnatural,'” Sprouse said.

“When my crew got back (from the crash site), we talked for weeks,” he said. “They told me everything and I believe them.... They told me, 'Milt, it's true.' ”

Among the material discovered was a maleable, foil-like material that could be laid flat with no creases after being squashed into a ball.

Whether fact or lore, one of the most intriguing pieces of the puzzle are reports of five diminutive green bodies allegedly recovered with the UFO. Sprouse believes it.

A staff sergeant in his barracks was called to the hospital shortly after the crash, he said.

“He and two doctors and two nurses were in the emergency room, and they brought in one of those five humanoid bodies that they had recovered,” he said. “They said, 'We want this dissected and we want a complete history of how it functions and the parts and everything.' ”

The next day, the man from his barracks was transferred from the base, Sprouse said.

“We never heard from him again,” he said. “We asked and (they said), 'Oh, we don't know nothing about it.' ... I heard later that both nurses and both doctors were shipped different directions and nobody ever knew where they went.”

Sprouse recalled an interesting conversation with the owner of a funeral home in Roswell several years later.

“We had some friend of ours that died, and he said, 'Hey Milt, I want to talk to you,' ” he said. “He says, 'You know the base come to me and wanted five children's caskets.' That was two or three days after the crash. I said, 'No kidding.' He says, 'I only had one, and I told them that.' They said, 'One won't do us very good,' and they went somewhere else and got them.”

The day the UFO story ran, the debris was allegedly loaded onto two B-29 bombers, one of them Dave's Dream, and sent to a base in Fort Worth, Texas.

Sprouse and Carey believe the material was then shipped to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, where they say it remains today.

“We believe some of the stuff was loaned around, but the main repository was the foreign technology division at Wright-Patterson,” said Carey, who holds a master's degree in anthropology and served briefly in the Air Force. “We've heard stories over the years of people who say that they're still trying to figure out what that stuff is.”

Various rumors suggest that pieces of the ship and the bodies were stored in a mysterious Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson.

Derek Kaufman, who works in Wright-Patterson's public affairs office, was tentative when broaching the subject of Roswell and Hangar 18. He said the base tracks all such phone inquiries.

“We might get a couple of queries a month related to strange phenomena. ... Someone who believes that they've seen something very unusual – low-flying, strange aircraft or something along those lines,” Kaufman said. “Folks who are UFO enthusiasts are typically the people that inquire about Hangar 18 or about Roswell, but a lot of them don't seem to be credible queries. They seem to be folks bordering on the fanatic. ... I'm hard-pressed to describe where Hangar 18 even is located.”

Asked if there was any material from Roswell transferred to the base in 1947, Kaufman said, “I'll just defer to what reports have been exhaustively investigated and are now available to the general public.”

Wright-Patterson's Web site includes a section titled “UFOs and other strange phenomena” that includes links to the Air Force Freedom of Information Act Web site and a 993-page document titled, “The Roswell Report: Fact Versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert.” In the report, the government meticulously makes its case debunking the Roswell Incident.

According to the report, the bodies recovered at the site were not alien beings, but crash-test dummies used to test high-altitude parachutes.

UFO enthusiasts say they couldn't have been dummies because the parachute tests weren't conducted until nearly a decade later.

“That's a non-starter because that project didn't get under way until the mid-'50s,” Carey said. “These mannequins were a good 6 feet tall, they looked human and they were in regular flight suits. There's no way you confuse those for little aliens with big heads.”

Asked if there are any remnants of the mysterious event stored at Roswell, Rob Young, a historian with the National Air and Space Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson, answered, “I would not know. I've never seen anything like that. ... To my knowledge there is not.”

Sprouse believes the Roswell Incident is a far-reaching cover-up that leads as far as the White House.

“The presidents are briefed on everything ... classified, unclassified, whether they'll acknowledge it or not,” Sprouse said. “Clinton, says, 'I don't know nothing.' Carter says, 'I don't know nothing about that.' Bush won't even talk about it.”

Sprouse's wife, Peggy, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, is skeptical about the UFO story. She's been to Roswell with her husband and said once was enough.

“Been there, done that,” she said. “I never did believe it and still don't believe it.”

Sprouse, who will speak at the Nov. 18 meeting of the San Diego Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, seems to be enjoying his part in keeping the story alive.

Has the government ever asked him not to speak about Roswell?

“No, but I worry about it,” he said. “I'm getting all these telephone calls on that report, and I often wonder if it's somebody looking into this.”

Pat Sherman: (760) 752-6774;

I will add a note here on what I know. When I worked at Boeing in Seattle we interfaced with the Air Force office at Wright Pat. The head of the SDL Lab where I worked and where the tests were done on the avionics for the B-1 knew of my interest in UFOs. He had also seen UFOs when he was in the Navy at the end of the runway! Anyway, a group from the lab had to go back to Wright Pat for a meeting. At that time it came out that Wright Pat is the place where the bodies were taken and it was on the radio repeatedly.

When the representatives from Boeing went to the meeting they were given maps of the base so they would know where to go. He brought one of those maps back and gave it to me. There were all other numbers listed on buildings but mysteriously "Hangar 18" was nowhere to be found.

While they were in the meeting an airforce officer came in to speak to the Air Force colonel in charge of the meeting. They over heard him say to the Colonel "The jig is up, they know we have the bodies! It is on the radio!" You can imagine the Boeing people's ears tuned right up at that announcement! My boss couldn't wait to get back and tell me.

So that is what I know and remember like it was yesterday.


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By Ronald Ducker
UFO Annual

One of the best documented - and most disturbing - southern UFO incidents changed the life of a dark-haired 26-year-old ex-Marine who's been transformed into a self-confessed "flying saucer freak" since he battled an unidentified object in mid air over South Carolina.

Bennie D. Morris, from Greenville, SC is a shy young man who doesn't like to publicize his interest in UFOs. It's for this reason that Morris's story has never appeared in print before. Transformed overnight from a skeptic to a believer, Morris wants people to know that he regards UFOs as a subject for serious research - not a "fad" or a "craze."

It happened just after dusk on an unseasonably warm, cloud-filled night.

A lance corporal in the Marine Corps, Morris was wearing flight fatigues and was braced in the door gun position of a UH-1E helicopter as it lifted off from Quantico, VA for a routine flight to Beaufort, SC.

Also aboard the chopper which was attached to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, were two officers, a pilot and copilot. At Morris's request, because these men were party to spraying machine gun bullets all over the South Carolina sky, his crew mates will not be named here.

As the helicopter climbed over darkening farmland, Morris was battered by the windblast in the open doorway and clung to the mount of his M-60 machine gun for support. "Nice view from down here," he told the two men seated above him in the flight cabin. His voice sounded squeaky over the intercom.

" Not much to see," proclaimed the pilot.

Then, suddenly, one of the officers exclaimed, "Hey, wait a minute! What's that over there?"

Morris saw it at almost the same instant. About a mile off the starboard side of the helicopter, a luminous silver object appeared to be matching the craft's course.

At first, Bennie Morris thought it was a commercial airliner. Then he realized that the craft was tear-shaped, surrounded by a halo of opaque white light, and moving from side to side!

"That's not an aircraft---" he began.

The silver-white UFO seemed to turn, approaching the UH-1E as it flew through the night sky. Morris heard his copilot reporting the sighting over the radio. He and the pilot chattered nervously on their intercom:

Pilot: "I think that's a UFO! You know, unidentified-----"
Morris: "It's on a collision course, sir! It's coming straight at us!"
Plot: "We're trying to get instructions. Hold tight! I'm going to take evasive action."

With brutal force, Morris's stocky, 160 pound body was flung across the chopper's interior as the pilot went into a violent, bone-jarring turn.

The young Marine staggered to his feet, tasted blood in his mouth, and reached desperately for support. In his earphones, he heard the panicky voice of the copilot on the radio: "..hostile...I say again, the object is behaving in a hostile manner...request instructions..."

Through his open door, Morris saw that the UFO had matched the pilot's sudden turn and was drawing alongside. He now saw that the UFO was round and flat. There appeared to be no marks on its luminous, metallic surface, and no sign of portholes or windows, yet the craft was obviously flying under intelligent control.

A cold chill gripped the young Marine. He knew that by "instructions," the copilot meant he wanted permission to fire at the hostile craft. He also knew, from the long gap in radio transmissions, that somebody down on the ground was having a hell of a time trying to make a decision.

Morris: "What about it? That things is less than 100 feet away! I can't be sure, but I think he wants to ram us."
Pilot: "Arm your gun and stand by, Bennie. I repeat, stand by! Don't fire!"

The UFO grew to monstrous size in front of Morris's eyes, blotting out the South Carolina countryside below. His entire field of vision was filled by the giant, luminous saucer. He gripped his gun and swung it around, a cold sweat drenching him, certain that the UFO and his helicopter were about to collide.

Pilot: "Where the hell are those instructions? We're in trouble."
Copilot: "They're asking what to do. They..."
Pilot: "Damn it, they're not up here! That crazy thing is going to hit us! Bennie, are you tracking it?

Morris paused. The frighteningly large mass of the UFO spread out in front of his machine gun sight. He couldn't miss it. But he didn't know what would happen if he fired.

"I'm tracking it," he acknowledged.
"OK. Never mind the regulations. Open fire on that damned thing!"

Swaying in the windblast and the violent wash from the helicopter's rotors, Morris bent over the gun and pressed the trigger.

The booming crash from the machine gun's muzzle sounded over the engine noise. The gun threw out a long tongue of flame and sent tracers stabbing at the UFO -- at point-blank range.

Now, Morris feared, we'll see the reaction.

Whatever he'd expected, this wasn't it. The great silvery object backed away, widening the gap until it was more than 1,000 feet off the right side of the helicopter. Unable to see any damage from his shots, Morris squeezed off another burst.

The UFO shuddered, wobbled in mid air, and then began to climb. The object accelerated rapidly and Morris realized that it was racing away and was thousands of feet above them.

In moments, the UFO was a fading white speck in the night sky.

Where he lives today in Alexandria, VA, ex-Marine Bennie Morris sat down one evening with the author and explained that he, and his crew mates, made every effort to report their brief "battle" with a UFO. "All of us signed notarized statements about what happened," Morris says. "They were accepted as a routine report of an unusual incident, but I don't know what happened to them. It's possible somebody in the Marine Corps is keeping records on UFO sightings..."

Possible. But not admitted. Now working as an electrical parts salesman and living quietly with his brunette wife, Dorothy, Bennie Morris doesn't want to make an issue of the strange encounter which, after all, lasted less than two minutes. "I can't be certain that I wasn't shooting at a mirage or a distortion of light waves. Or something. But I've searched for an explanation and I keep coming back to the same thing -- to that silver UFO being an alien spaceship piloted by intelligent creatures..."

The incident transformed Morris into an amateur but dedicated UFO researcher. He subscribes to UFO publications, attends meetings of research groups, and has made a report to the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). In allowing his tale to be told here, Morris cautions, "I have a serious interest in the subject and I hope other people will take it seriously, too..."

In his new role as ufologist, Bennie Morris even has a theory to answer that nagging question: Why do so many UFO incidents occur in the South?

"There's an established pattern of UFO activity in recent years and it suggests that UFOs cluster around military installations, industrial facilities, and power plants. The South has more than its share of all three of these..."

Morris's conclusion isn't dramatic, it's very obvious: "UFOs are reconnoitering Earth and they're looking closest at the places that worry them the most..."

This view is shared by NICAP's Dr. Drew D. Johnson, who says, "It's easy to postulate a situation where aliens from space are sizing up our airfields, nuclear reactors, and electrical power stations. It could be prelude to an attack. Nobody knows, of course, but the thought keeps me awake at night..."

Saturday, November 10, 2007


By Ronald Drucker

The late afternoon sun cast weird shadows on the gravel road which snaked up Tennessee's 3,534-foot Mount Cross. Billy Joe Lodnar was tense behind the wheel of the old pickup truck, alert for trouble on the dangerous road, anxious to make campsite by dark.

A 35-year-old hunter and outdoorsman with a healthy respect for every treacherous curve on the twisting mountain roadway, Lodnar was haunched low, his chin almost touching the steering wheel, when he first saw the UFO.

The luminous, rapidly-blinking object came rushing straight at him - a giant flying craft filling the sky like nothing he'd ever seen before.

Lodnar, employed as a shift foreman for a packaging plant in Knoxville, Tenn., had left his wife Sue for a lone weekend of camping and hunting. He bitterly resented any interruption of his plan to relax in the Tennessee mountains alone. His reaction was unusual - not fear, but angry indignation toward the blinking, cigar-shaped flying object.

"And it's real! That damned thing is real, all right."

Unlike most people who see UFOs, Billy Lodnar already knew something about the mysterious craft now being seen by more people, in more places, than ever before. He'd read books arguing that aliens from space are spying on Mankind from strange airborne platforms often called "flying saucers." Lodnar, however, was a trained observer; he'd been an enlisted bomber crewman in the Air Force and had known airmen who'd seen UFOs. A pilot friend of his had once reported seeing humanoid creatures peering from the portholes of an alien craft.

So Lodnar knew what he was seeing. And when the blinking orange UFO flew overhead and then whipped around to fly back toward his pickup Billy Lodnar bristled with resentment. "I was going to spend this weekend hunting!" he cursed aloud -- not yet aware that instead of deer, he would soon hunt the most dangerous game ever stalked by Man.

Known for his stubborn streak, Lodnar was acting in character. Securely strapped inside his pickup and armed with a Browning shotgun and a 30-06 scope-mounted rifle, he didn't feel he had to worry.

"No damned spaceship is going to spoil my weekend!"

He slammed on the brakes and his pickup veered sharply on the gravel. Yanking out the 30-06, he leaped out onto the roadway and dropped behind the front wheel.

The UFO descended vertically, filling the darkening sky above him. A glimmer of doubt gnawed at him. Suddenly he wasn't so sure of himself. "That thing is actually going to land!"

His first thought was for the teenagers he'd passed in a minibus down near the base of the mountain an hour ago. They might not be reliable, but they were the only people he'd seen the entire afternonon and Billy Lodnar wanted witnesses if he was going to confront a UFO. He also knew of a State Forestry station a few miles back, but remembered, angrily, that it was closed this late in the year. The date was Nov. 11, 1974.

But he was worrying about the wrong thing.

There were witnesses -- plenty of them.

The zigzagging UFO had already been spotted by dozens of people along the sheer, tree-covered ridge lines near Knoxville. The pilot of a Marine A-4C Skyhawk on a cross-country flight from Beaufort, SC had radioed that the UFO was "acting dangerous" and "flying along just off my wingtip." Military and civilian radar installations tracked the craft for short periods of time, while the Knoxville police department was flooded with phone reports. Signifiantly, the UFO had hovered for more than a half hour near the top-secret Atomic Energy Commission installation at nearby Oak Ridge.

It's all doumented. And it's frightening.

What's most disturbing of all, it seems the entire southern US has recently become the focal point for hundreds of similar UFO sightings. Judy Blum, co-author of Beyond Earth, Man's Contact with UFOs, claims that a startling number of UFO incidents have occurred south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Dr. Karl Dickins, astronomer at Tennessee Teacher's College says; "There's some special meaning to all these UFO sightings throughout the South."

Lodnar sucked in his breath and waited.

Across from his truck the road hung precariously over a sunken depression in the mountain slope where a V-shaped gully angled down toward a flat, bush-covered clearing. As Lodnar watched, the UFO settled silently in the open space, a brilliant circle of light standing out sharply among the lengthening shadows. Lodnar could now see that his impression of a cigar shape had been based upon the profile of the craft. It was a saucer, with a tear-like dome rising from its center.

Lodnar hefted his rifle and darted across the road. He dropped to his knees, careful to avoid exposing the silhoutte on the skyline. Though the temperature was in the mid-30s, he felt sweat on his face. His grip on the rifle was vise-like. The UFO had settled on the ground and a door was opening on its side!

Something - somebody - was stepping out!

His crouching position was painful. Lodnar wished he'd brought binoculars. To put himself in a better position to cope with the alien visitor, he edged downhill until he reached an outcrop on the slope.

He now believed that the aliens hadn't noticed him. The craft seemed to have landed for some other reason. Maybe it's something like recharging batteries, he thought aware that this didn't make sense but he was unable to think of any other explanation.

The man - Lodnar knew it wasn't a man, not a human being - ambled down a ramp from the open doorway. The creature was small and stocky, with a bloated head that was disproportionately large in comparison to its skeletal body. Although 300 feet away and 40 feet uphill, Billy Lodnar could see arms and legs as thin as pipestems, a gray skin that impressed him as covered with scales, and the powerful protruding head with thin, slit-like eyes.

In stiff, jerky movements the creature walked downhill from the craft. Lodnar cradled his rifle and followed.

Even now, Lodner has trouble recalling his emotions during the ensuing, tension-racked 20 minutes when he slipped through underbrush, staggered downhill, and drew closer to the alien creature. To skeptics who wonder if any of this ever happened, he insists that he felt a compulsion to follow. Two different times he centered the alien in the crosshairs of the scope mounted on his rifle.

The terrain was very tricky. It took Lodnar a while to realize that he was moving in a circle. When he was about 20 feet above and 100 feet away from the creature, he realized that the alien was returning to its craft.

The UFO hadn't moved, hadn't made a sound.

As the humanoid returned to the ramp extending from the UFO, all of Lodner's pent-up frustrations churned inside him. The fear had been slow in coming but was now hitting him in waves. And there was resentment, anger. He's going to get away and nobody will ever believe I saw him! I'll be a laughing stock!

It was almost completely dark now, but the humanoid stood out sharply when Lodnar lined him up in the telescopic sight but the hunter couldn't make himself fire.

There was really no reason to shoot and, considering the unknown nature of the situation, plenty of cause not to.

Lodner relaxed his trigger finger and watched as the alien entered the open doorway of the UFO.

A second creature appeared and seemed to grab the first, to pull him inside. It was as if the creature was being reprimanded by his partner for putting too much trust in the reactions of the curious human who he knew, through telepathy, was stalking him. The door closed and the UFO rose from the ground - in complete silence! Lodnar watched the craft shoot across the peak of Mount Cross, climbing into the night sky.

"It was an alien spaceship and it was real!" Lodnar insisted when a Knoxville reporter reached him two days later. "There were people on it - creatures. I mean -from somewhere. I could have shot one of them."

Lodnar, his wife, a reporter, two police officers, and an amateur UFO researcher in Knoxville returned to the mountain on November 15. In the gully where Lodnar had seen the UFO land, there were broken trees and scorch marks. A policeman, using a device called a cadometer, tried to determine whether the gully had sustained unusually high levels of gamma radiation.

Billy Lodnar insists he saw men from another world.

Friday, November 9, 2007


By Brad Steiger

I said, "If you won't turn around, just look at the one by your head." But Dad did not move. The angel above his head was a woman. Only her face and hair were visible to me. She looked as if she were from a different place from the male angel, as she had darker skin, eyes, and hair. Her dark hair was quite wavy and hung past her small-featured face.

My angel, the male, continued to sing-talk, and I remembered several phrases for years, they they made no sense to me. I shouted to my mother and saw another female face in the right corner wall that was in front of me. I then glanced at all the corners, two remaining, and there were four angels in total. They all looked identical. Years later I saw a Filipino woman who bore the greatest resemblance to the females. However, the angel's eyes were not as small as hers. If I would choose a nationality that might describe the features the male angel had, I would say from the Nordic area, for he looked like a Hollywood-type Viking prince.

I still remember one phrase that he sang-talked to me. He said, "Like unto another Christ child you will be." I am quite aware of what a psychiatrist might say is the underlying psychological reason for someone to state their belief in this type of fantasy-revelation. He might say that this person feels a great need to be recognized and loved and to feel important. I have assumed that there is some underlying symbolism to that statement, "a Christ child," for please believe me, I have no great aspirations toward martyrdom.

I called for my mother to come quickly that there were angels in the room. Upon doing so, the male angel totally changed his voice. No longer was it a gentle, high-pitched singing one, but a law, harsh monotone, mechanical-type voice. He said, "Do not tell your parents."

Mother responded that she was busy washing dishes, and the angel continued to sing-talk some more until he and the women faded away.

Dad resumed pounding.

In my early 20's I sought a qualified medical hypnotist in an effort to bring back to my conscious mind more phrases that the angel related to me. He was not successful in this attempt.

I know there is much more information that is locked in too tight for me to remember consciously, though it may be coming into my memory like little time-release capsules. I've often wondered, though, why such a profound vision was received by a five-year-old. They would certainly know that I could not retain it all consciously, if it was truly to affect my life on a subconscious level, why did the angel need to appear physically? He could merely have sent it telepathically.

I wrote to my mother some six or seven years ago and asked if she still remembered the vision. She said that she did and that she was troubled by my difference, my various visions, my dreams, and family predictions. She also reminded me of an attitude that prevailed in many homes in those days that such things belong not to God. I can remember her taking me to a neighborhood Methodist church and having the reverend and his wife put their hands on me and all kneel down praying for my soul. (egad!)

What is interesting about this subject is that this article was written in the December 1976 UFO Report magazine. I believe this was the start of the Indigo children, crystal children, etc. They were sent to Earth to grow up into society and help us evolve. Hmm doesn't seem like we are from the evil going on in the world. All the more reason we need them! They have had time now to become involved in politics, etc. to effect change. You will see more and more tiny children that are accomplished pianists, history buffs, mathematicians and wonderful artists, etc. Those are the ones to watch and see what happens to them in the future.