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Since earliest childhood they have had continuing series of episodes with "angels," "elves," "fairies, "masters," "teachers," and openly declared "UFO intelligences." They have learned to integrate their experiences into their lifestyles and to structure a separate reality so that they can function effectively with the consensual reality they share wth famliy, friends and the rest of the planet.

All of them, however, share a feeling, a knowing an awareness that their ancestors came from another world, another dimension, another level of intellgence.

Some speak of a starship that came to this planet 20,000 years ago. The vehicle came to Earth to observe, to study, to blend with the evolving Homosapiens. Their own seed would enrich the developing species and accelerate the time when their Earth cousins would begin to reach for the stars -- and their cosmic home.

Why should such long-dormant memories, if memories they be, be surfacing suddenly today? Why should the genetically transmitted awareness be breaking forth as if implanted by some chromosome time-release mechanism?

The "people" say they are "remembering" and being "activated" now so that they might serve their brothers and sisters during the approaching time of transition, the great cleansing, which the entire species must endure and survive in order to attain a higher state of consciousness and to effect personal and societal transformation.

Francie is a career woman from New York. Here, in her own words, is Francie's account of the visionary experience presented to her when she was five years old.

We - my mother, father, and I - had just moved into our new home. Last minute touches were being completed. Mother was washing the dishes after our meal and had followed Dad into the master bedroom to be with him while he was hanging up their marriage license, which he had framed. I sat on the edge of their bed, and Dad began pounding the nail into the wall behind me to my right. The curtains were sheer and blowing, and it was spring. The window was to my left and open, and the curtains were flapping and almost touching my legs. I remember all this very vividly, though I was only five. Perhaps they have seen to it that I have.

To my right and above me, I became aware of a person coming slowly down, right through the ceiling. He alighted so gently that he stood almost directly before me, and I wasn't certain if he ever touched the floor. His white robe was draped over one shoulder, and the wind made it flow in and out around his body. His hair was straw-colored and straight., and was styled in a page-boy cut coming down to the base of his neck. His eyes were blue, wide-set. He had a large, full jaw and fair skin. There appeared to be no beard-growth area. I remember because my dad always had a five o'clock-shadow-type growth.

The entity's robe blew open, and he did not move to cover his body, which was nude beneath the robe. I saw that portion of the male body I had never before viewed. (Please overlook the Freudian implications here. I am including this information here, for it is the truth, and the truth, as with God, more will be revealed by telling the total story.)

I don't know why I have thought all these years that he was an angel unless that entity placed the knowledge of who he was, and what an angel was, into my mind without my knowing it. He began to speak, but his voice kept rising and falling in tone, as one would sing and talk at the same time.

I interrupted him and yelled to my dad, "Dad, look! There's an angel in the room!" I turned to see if Dad were looking. His back was facing me, and his hand was held high in the midst of striking a nail. He was motionless. I pleaded for him to please look, and then I noticed another angel in the upper corner of the room, just to the left of Dad's head.

Continued tomorrow.

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