Monday, November 5, 2007


By Brad Steiger
UFO Report Magazine

The reports all have an incredible sameness about them. The following composite is a typical example:

"I was lying on a couch in the living room, and I felt myself being squeezed out of my body. It began with my head being pulled back, and it felt as though two electric wires were touching the back of my neck.

"I became aware of myself in a dome-shaped room. There were machines like computers on each side of me. People in colored jackets, like smocks, were operating them. I was unable to move, as if some kind of paralysis had come over me. The people at the machines turned toward me. Although they seemed almost expressionless, they put me at ease and I felt they were friendly. They told me something that I could not later remember.

"A month or so later I had a strange dream that I felt was really not a dream. I don't know how I got there, but I was standing in a place that resembled the town square. A UFO was hovering just above the trees, and I stood waiting for it. I knew that there was someone inside to whom I had to make a report.

"As the UFO came closer, I could see a zodiac painted around its surface; and in the center of the object a woman stood looking out a huge window. The zodiac was not our zodiac, but was composed of monkeys, birds, and I believe a large giraffe. I was amazed that I was to report to a woman, that she was my superior, and I was surprised even moe that she appeared to be an oriental.

"I have never identified in any way with Chinese. As a matter of act, they generally turn me off. But this woman looked Chinese. The predominant colors of the spacecraft were red and yellow. Mandarin colors. At the time this was happening, I kept thinking, "This can't be the product of my imagination, as I would never dream of Orientals!"

"Somehow I was suddenly aboard the craft. There were other men and women standing before the Oriental woman, and I sensed that they, too, were there to give their reports. Somehow, they all seemed very familiar, as if I had known them before in some other context.

"I can remember being called upon to make my report, but I cannot recall what I said. I have thought and thought about this, but nothing really comes back to me.

"Then I was in my bed, waking up at the ringing of my alarm clock. As I said before, this really seemed to be more than a strange dream to me!"

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