Wednesday, November 7, 2007

UFOs and ASTRAL TRAVEL (Continued again)

By Brad Steiger
UFO Report Magazine

Continued from yesterday:

"When I came to, I was lying on my side facing a wall. I rolled over on my back and sat up. I was in an oddly shaped room. The best way I know how to describe it is it was like a wedge of pie with the point of it bitten off.

"The whole room was bare except for some kind of projection on which I was sitting. Everything seemed to be made out of a blue-gray material. While the walls were very hard, the surface on which I was sitting was soft, even though everything seemed to have been made of the same material! The room was bathed in a soft glow, and there were no shadows anywhere but there was no light source that I could see.

"I heard a female voice say, "He's awake now."

"I looked around to see if I could spot a speaker, a TV camera, or something; but again I saw nothing but blank walls and ceiling.

"About this time on the short wall -- the bitten off end of the pie wedge -- a door appeared and opened. I could see into a hallway. Although the hall was dark, there was blue-white illumination that appeared as though it was coming from some great distance.

"Two shadows flitted across the doorway. I couldn't tell anything about their shapes. The movement was too rapid.

"But I got a mental impression, if you will, of two people approaching -- a man in front and a woman behind him - carrying a tray full of some kind of surgical instruments and hypodermic syringes.

"The next thing I knew, I was back in my apartment, in my chair, with my book in my lap. I gave a shudder and thought how sleepy I was. I went to bed, laughing about what a vivid imagination I have.

My correspondent said that when he awakened the next morning, he regarded the whole episode as a strange dream. But when he reached for the book he had left on the desk, he found that it had disappeared. For two days he searched the apartment without any luck.

When my correspondent's roommate returned from a trip he challenged him, since he was an FBI agent, to prove his effectiveness by finding the missing book. The two men turned the apartment "upside down" searching for the vanished volume.

"We started at one end of the apartment," he writes, "and we moved, dusted, waxed, and cleaned everything all the way to the other end. We found things we had forgtten about, things that we'd thought we had lost someplace, but no sign of the book I had been reading the night I had my bizarre experience."

Then, about a week later, the two men suddenly found the missing book on the edge of the desk, right where my correspondent had originally left it.

"If this book did indeed vanish from our apartment and reappear, the question is how?" he continiued. "Which goes back to that dream sequence again, if it really happened, how did I get back in my apartment, since when I pulled the door closed behind us, it locked automatically - and I had no pocket for a key in my 'birthday suit!'

"If we assume for a moment that the dream sequence really occurred, it brings up some inteesting points. For one, the possibility of teleportation. When I was led out into the hall, we were instantly on top of the hill. There was no time lapse. It was almost an instantaneous thing.

"If we did teleport, why didn't we teleport directly to the UFO? The only explanation I can offer is that somehow or other the UFO was shielded or had some kind of radiation that prevented teleportation and we had to be levitated inside.

"When I dream, I usually know, even in my dream, that I am dreaming. But in this case, I didn't have that knowledge, or even that feeling, of a dream. It was dream-like because I had so little control over my actions, but there was no sense of time lapse between the moment I was reading my book and the moment I looked up at the door. If I had nodded off to sleep in those seconds, I would assume that there would have been a feeling of change, yet there didn't seem to be any. The only change seemed to be that I suddenly lost control of myself and became more of a robot than anything else.

"I think a lot of us have been controlled telepathically, somehow or other by the UFO intelligences. That's just a feeling I have. I have no proof.'

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