Friday, November 9, 2007


By Brad Steiger

I said, "If you won't turn around, just look at the one by your head." But Dad did not move. The angel above his head was a woman. Only her face and hair were visible to me. She looked as if she were from a different place from the male angel, as she had darker skin, eyes, and hair. Her dark hair was quite wavy and hung past her small-featured face.

My angel, the male, continued to sing-talk, and I remembered several phrases for years, they they made no sense to me. I shouted to my mother and saw another female face in the right corner wall that was in front of me. I then glanced at all the corners, two remaining, and there were four angels in total. They all looked identical. Years later I saw a Filipino woman who bore the greatest resemblance to the females. However, the angel's eyes were not as small as hers. If I would choose a nationality that might describe the features the male angel had, I would say from the Nordic area, for he looked like a Hollywood-type Viking prince.

I still remember one phrase that he sang-talked to me. He said, "Like unto another Christ child you will be." I am quite aware of what a psychiatrist might say is the underlying psychological reason for someone to state their belief in this type of fantasy-revelation. He might say that this person feels a great need to be recognized and loved and to feel important. I have assumed that there is some underlying symbolism to that statement, "a Christ child," for please believe me, I have no great aspirations toward martyrdom.

I called for my mother to come quickly that there were angels in the room. Upon doing so, the male angel totally changed his voice. No longer was it a gentle, high-pitched singing one, but a law, harsh monotone, mechanical-type voice. He said, "Do not tell your parents."

Mother responded that she was busy washing dishes, and the angel continued to sing-talk some more until he and the women faded away.

Dad resumed pounding.

In my early 20's I sought a qualified medical hypnotist in an effort to bring back to my conscious mind more phrases that the angel related to me. He was not successful in this attempt.

I know there is much more information that is locked in too tight for me to remember consciously, though it may be coming into my memory like little time-release capsules. I've often wondered, though, why such a profound vision was received by a five-year-old. They would certainly know that I could not retain it all consciously, if it was truly to affect my life on a subconscious level, why did the angel need to appear physically? He could merely have sent it telepathically.

I wrote to my mother some six or seven years ago and asked if she still remembered the vision. She said that she did and that she was troubled by my difference, my various visions, my dreams, and family predictions. She also reminded me of an attitude that prevailed in many homes in those days that such things belong not to God. I can remember her taking me to a neighborhood Methodist church and having the reverend and his wife put their hands on me and all kneel down praying for my soul. (egad!)

What is interesting about this subject is that this article was written in the December 1976 UFO Report magazine. I believe this was the start of the Indigo children, crystal children, etc. They were sent to Earth to grow up into society and help us evolve. Hmm doesn't seem like we are from the evil going on in the world. All the more reason we need them! They have had time now to become involved in politics, etc. to effect change. You will see more and more tiny children that are accomplished pianists, history buffs, mathematicians and wonderful artists, etc. Those are the ones to watch and see what happens to them in the future.

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