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Location. Curico, Chile
Date: February 16 2007 Time: night

Samuel Saavedra told reporters that he heard a loud noise, "as if something had jumped off the large wall surrounding the house." Saavedra said he saw a creature that was approximately 1.20meters in height, furry, and with a round bald head. The creature had large eyes and an intense stare and gave Saavedra a "defiant glare". Saavedra said he called the police and then went to spend the night at his mother's house, being so scared that he refused to return home for 48 hours. That same night something attacked a henhouse in San Antonio leaving every chicken dead, without blood and with a mysterious orifice on their spines. One of owner's daughters who did not want to identify herself said that she heard dogs barking wildly that night, but did not see anything abnormal after rising several times throughout the night. Flor Vazquez, 73, the owner, told police that she found strange footprints on her patio with only three toes, two facing forward and one backward.

HC addendum
Source: El Mercurio Newspaper, Santiago Chile

Location. Ponce, Puerto Rico
Date: February 22 2007 Time: 1500

Doris Rodriguez (involved in previous encounters with strange entities) was shopping with her husband at the local Plaza del Caribe mall. Once inside the mall Doris noticed a strange figure walk in front of them. Doris noticed that the figure had an extremely white almost translucent skin and they both stared at each other briefly. At this same moment Doris began to shake and experience a bout of tachycardia, feeling very uncomfortable. She was not able to make out the color of the stranger's eyes. Doris was convinced that she had seen the stranger before. She continued on with her husband until they arrived at an ATM machine close to the store, when Doris felt that someone was staring fixedly at her, but did not want to turn around. She finally moved to one side and saw the same figure that she had seen previously staring at her, when the man noticed her, he looked down, but strangely Doris continued to feel the "staring", this happened several times. Doris now noticed that the stranger wore common clothing, a black cap, and a black polo shirt and was now wearing dark sunglasses. When Doris turned around again to tell her husband for some strange reason she was not able to speak. When Doris now looked back at the figure she noticed that it was now accompanied by two more almost identical figures with the same bizarre skin tone, white and translucent. The new figures also wore normal clothing and dark sunglasses. The figures then walked away and were joined by Doris thought was a store security guard. At this point she felt upset and had a terrific headache. Doris then walked with her husband in front of the 1-2-3 store where she was to meet her sister, but for a while she stood in front of the store unable to move. While standing there Doris saw another strange pair, a man and a woman that appeared to be talking about location of several stores, however the woman spoke with an accent and had difficult speaking and her skin was gray in color, not brown or light, but totally gray. She seemed to have difficult in moving her right arm, and had dark brown shoulder length curly hair. Doris did not see her face. The strange pair eventually left.

HC addendum
Source: Lucy Guzman

Location. Near Indianapolis, Indiana
Date: March 2 2007 Time: 0530A

The witness had just gotten off work early and was traveling down 200 N. One of his co-workers was traveling in front of him, a good 300ft or so, when he noticed that he had swerved rather fast, so the witness expected a deer to come running out, but that was not the case. What he saw was a black furred animal on two legs walking all hunched over.he quickly tried avoiding it, but he believes he clipped it with his back end. He stopped not sure what had just happened and started looking in his driver's side mirror. He didn't see anything for a few seconds, but then something stood up right behind his Explorer. Terrified the witness drove off and met his friend who had turned around. The witness rolled down his window and could see the fear on his friend's eyes, who confirmed that he had seen the same creature. His friend went back to see it and heard it howling. The witness looked through the windshield and saw the creature trying to stand up on 2 legs again, but kept falling over; it eventually got on all 4's and ran off into the woods. The two men then got out of their vehicles to look around but did not see anything however they noticed a large fat mouse/gerbil looking rodent on the side of the road which was not afraid of them at all. They picked it up and put it off in the grass.

HC addendum

Location. Between Katowice and Chorzowa, Poland
Date: March 3 2007 Time: 0330A

Two witnesses returning home by car on the A4 road reported seeing two strange looking creatures moving about on the side of the road. The witnesses stopped their vehicle to watch and remembered seeing two other cars, also stopped. The humanoids were unusually thin and small and had huge slanted luminous blue eyes. They moved around in an unusual and stealthy manner like "Ninja warriors" according to two of the witnesses. The figures apparently disappeared into the brush and the two witnesses departed. They did not see the other two vehicles leave.

HC addendum
Source: Tomek quoting "Nautilus Foundation"

Location. Atlanta, Georgia
Date: March 4 2007 Time: 0200A

The witnesses were staying at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in downtown Atlanta on the 17th floor when they looked out one of the windows and spotted appeared to be a cloaked person soaring off the top of a building below them. A third witness came to the window and attempted to take a photo but it did not come out because of the glare. The figure "was moving like an acrobat in midair---it look like it had arms and legs and was holding onto a jetpack, though there was no loud noise and no fumigation." It eventually disappeared from sight.

HC addendum

Location. Puebla, Mexico
Date: March 15 2007 Time: 0225A

An anonymous lady was woken up by the ferocious barking of her dog. She got up to investigate what the problem was and stepped out into a clear star-filled night and a shiny moon. Suddenly she spotted a light larger than the moon that remained hovering over a certain spot. Suddenly her dog began barking in the direction of the nearby coffee plants and when the witness turned to look she spotted a short humanoid figure about 1-1/2 meters in height running towards the hovering light at high speed, the only details she could see on the figure is that it appeared to have large eyes and no hair. The short figure disappeared into the hovering circular light, immediately after that the light shot away at incredible speed leaving behind a luminous trail. At no time did the witness hear any sound coming from the object.

HC addendum
Source: direct from Lucy Guzman

Thanks to Albert Rosales at Humanoid Contacts for the above reports.

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