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Sometime ago, like years, I met a couple in Seattle, Washington named Mason and Madeline Longmire. Perhaps some of you will recognize that name, Mason's grandfather started the Lodge at Mt. Rainier park by that name. They held development classes at their home. I was invited to attend. This is a story about how it all got started.

Madeline's sons were both Alaska Airline pilots. They were twins; Bill and Budd Donovan.

One night the house shook and Bill's dog that was being cared for by Madeline started to howl. Madeline knew something had happened to her son. She was correct, his plane had crashed in Alaska and everyone was killed. The authorities never were able to recover anything of the her son.

About that time Madeline and her husband Mason started seeing faces in the wood grain paneling in their family room. She was a devote Catholic so she asked the priest to come and look at these faces. He did. The priest told Madeline that they had witnessed such phenomena before but that she was to say nothing to his parishioners because it might cause them to turn away from the church. He was correct, Madeline never went back to the church.

I went to their house to observe a class. They started people out by having them place their hands on a table. Through the combined energy the table would tilt. The procedure was for the table to tip up and then tip down as they went through the letters of the alphabet or to tap once for yes or twice for no. I was not sitting at the table but just watching when the table started to tap out letters. No one could understand what it was writing. It started out r - o - y - g - a - r - o - u -t - t - e! They said what is this, it doesn't make sense. It did to me! It was my father's name. I immediately started weeping. That cut off the energy and there was no more but I knew he was there just for me even though I wasn't on the table myself.

Soon after that Madeline and Mason moved to Angle Lake, which is a beautiful little lake near the Seattle Tacoma airport. Their house was made of all cedar. It had a comfortable homey feeling. In the basement they had a room with no windows. It was used for the development class. I started attending every week.

In the daytime Madeline would smell roses in the house and then the radio would come on all by itself playing "Mother". She knew her son was trying to contact her. She began to write to mediums all over the world to try and get in touch with him. She received a tape from Maurice Barbanelle, a famous medium in England. Her son had already contacted him and gave him the address of his mother in Seattle. He told her that it was him that made the music come on and the smell of roses because that was her favorite flower.

After that she contacted Keith Rheinhart in Seattle at the Aquarian Foundation. She had heard about his mediumistic abilities. Keith performed materialization sceances and apports would come out of his neck and mouth. Madeline made an appointment.

The first time she went there her son Bill Donovan appeared in the ectoplasm from Keith while he was in trance. He was dressed in his pilot's uniform. Madeline was overjoyed. She had stuck a rose down the front of her dress. No one knew that. He told her mother I am going to give everyone in this room what you have in your dress. Roses dropped into their laps.

She still was dubious so she asked him if he would do something to prove it was really her son. He said I will ask the scientists on this side to help me do something to prove it. You come back in one week and I will let you know what we figured out.

The next week she went back, along with Mason. Mason was told that night he was to start sitting in the cabinet. For those of you who are not familiar with seances the cabinet meant in a curtain enclosed area away from the other sitters. Madeline was to meditate. She was the power house. Unfortunately she was almost deaf so she missed a lot - but that comes later.

That night he said the scientists and himself had found a way to prove to her it was really her son. Out of a trumpet dropped the rosary she had bought for him in Rome and had been blessed by the Pope. His twin brother had an identical one. I saw it hanging on his picture. She knew then that it was really him.

After that Mason and Madeline and a few friends would sit in the room and meditate. When it first began her son would let her know he was there by clicking, like electrical sparks. We would sing first which would raise the energy, and then he would come in and just like the table spelling out words by tapping its leg, he would use the sparks to spell out things. First it would always be his intials, click, click for B and then click, click, click, click for D. We knew he was there.

You could tell when he was very happy as the sparks were all over the room like he was in joy. As time went on he brought a teacher whose name was Chinlee Woo. He was a Chinese teacher and he would say in a whisper (because we hadn't developed enough yet for a loud voice) Whoo Heinie. That meant hello, and love, I believe. Bill gradually let Chinlee Woo take over.

One of my friends, Verne Frese, who was a physicist, developed a red light that would come on when a field was broken by the spirits. It came on so much we had to remove it! He recorded every class and what Chinlee Woo had said. Verne has passed on now so I do not know what has happened to those tapes or transcripts.

I finally quit going because when you asked a question that you would think an advanced being would know Chinlee Woo didn't seem to know much more than we did.

It was sad that when he would whisper answers Madeline was never aware of them because she couldn't hear. But if she wasn't in the room the energy was so low that Chinlee Woo could not come to us.

Eventually Madeline died and Mason never continued to sit in the cabinet so that period was over for many of us. It did teach me about spirits and what is beyond this dimension that we cannot see with our physical eyes. I always knew when they were coming (this would be after meditating for about 30 minutes) because I could feel them touching my hair and touching my bare legs. Sure enough it would be right after that that Chinlee Woo would say Whoo Heine. I was told that if my mind didn't hop around like a flea on a hot griddle that I could become a medium but I never could control my thinking, it went everywhere!

Another time I will tell you about Rollo!

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