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Location. Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Date: February 4 2007 Time: 1240
Jessica Walker, her 5-year old son, her mother, and her husband Misael Calderon were spending a day at the local Mayaguez Zoo. The youngster had been given a school assignment and had to photograph the animals. At the elephant section the young boy videotaped several elephants and the surrounding area. Upon arriving home they were watching the video and were stunned to see in an area where there was a monkey and some chickens they saw a strange creature which they considered not to be "of this world". They replayed the video several time and saw the same alien-type creature. They had not seen anything out of the ordinary while videotaping but did notice that the chimpanzee and the chickens were acting strangely. While videotaping the area Jessica's mother felt uneasy and her hairs stood up on end, she left the area immediately saying that "something was not right".

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Comments: As of yet the video has not been published and there is no additional description of the creature.

Location. Loma Linda, California
Date: February 11 2007 Time: afternoon
The witness (Carolina) was driving home in the South Hills area when she noticed a strange sight in the sky. She saw a man-sized "something" in the sky. It was speeding along and turning in a geometric spiral downward into a housing area. She did a double take, and parked her car to get a better look. At first she thought it was a kite. Then she thought that it was a "bunch of helium balloons". But the lower it got the more it looked like a man with a jet pack on, or at least some kind of wings on his back. She realized that it was not a kite as it moved in such a way and at such a rate of speed, that it had no earthly tether. Nor was it suspended from anything. It got to be about 100 feet off the ground, when she noticed a few people across the street looking at it too. It finally did settle somewhere in the neighborhood, a few streets away. One of the other witnesses mentioned to Carolina that whatever it was "it looked like Mothman".

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Source: Your True Tales---March 2007

Location. Bad Kreuznach, Germany
Date: February 11 2007 Time: night
The witness remembers being in bed when suddenly he awoke to feel numerous "hands" touching and caressing him. It felt just like someone "you love very much" was touching you. He suddenly felt fear since he was alone. He saw nobody in his room but felt the presence of many 'invisible creatures". These invisible creatures touched the witness's ears and head in a loving and caring way. Five minutes later the experience ended. But later that same night he saw a strange white diffuse light in the room and within the light he could see the outline of four or five creatures "dancing and playing around in the room". He could not distinguish the creature's features within the strange glow.

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Source: direct from witness

Location. Cave Creek, Phoenix, Arizona
Date: February 14 2007 Time: daytime
Three schools in this north Phoenix suburb were in lockdown for about 45 minutes after a student at Desert Arroyo Middle School reported seeing what seemed like a person dressed as Batman run across campus, jump a fence and disappear into the desert. The student described the "Batman" as 6 feet 3 inches tall and possibly male. A police search of the area turned up no one.

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Source: Florida Paranormal lists (February 18 2007)

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