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Letter from Barbara F. regarding an event of 1935

I have heard it said among some "professional UFOlogists," J.C. comes to mind, that those who see lizard type aliens are suspected of being liars, as most ufologists now only believe one type of alien exists, grays. Well...

I lived in the same home my mom grew up in. It was about 1935 or 36, I guess she would have been 18. This was the outskirts of Houston TX in the post depression era. When I grew up there it was a lower middle class neighborhood. But back then it was still a bit like the frontier area it had been, no indoor plumbing and no electricity, outhouses, kerosene lanterns. It was still pretty rural then and no one was sure the last wild wolf in the area had been killed.

So the family and mom tell the story, years later, of how she woke up one night and saw arms outstretched across her body, and her window's heavy screen had been removed. She jumped across the room and slammed into a wall, releasing a scream as she looked at what she could see of the intruder by the kerosene lantern (which burned all night in order to find one's way to the outhouse). She got off one scream before losing her voice from sheer fright.

When my grandfather and uncle responded to her scream all she could do was point to the open window. She couldn't speak to tell them what frightened her. The fact the screen was off clued them in it was no mere nightmare I would assume. They gave chase. When I was a child I think my uncle talked of this but I never paid much attention, I wish I had. My mom always concludes the tale by insisting she thinks it was a dirty old man playing a joke by wearing a mask.

Well, much later in my own life when abductions got so hot as a subject, I reluctantly started to look into them and noted similarities to much of what my mother had said ... doctors said it was a nervous breakdown on her part and she got shock therapy for it. (When I was 7 and again when I was 12, we hospitalized her for staying up all night trying to escape "them" -- them being men from the moon in floating platforms shooting beams at her.)

Anyway, I grilled her intensively about 10 years ago on what was so horrible looking about the intruders "mask" as to make her lose her voice for 20 minutes and be unable to stand. I tried mundane suggestions at first, "was it pock marks?" "burn scars?" I was looking for a description that might fit a known skin disease (I have my skeptical side you know). She finally admitted it looked like scales, then amended the scale description to "alligator hyde" look. Then she admitted that this was also on the hands and forearms. "Good Mask," I'm thinking. So OK, now we have a guy creating Hollywood style quality costumes in the 1930s to scare one 18 year old girl? She always described the intruder as "not looking human ... like a monster."

Tie this tale in with the fact my Mom starting making noises that sound just like those of a modern abduction victim of today, in 1935, then again in about 1959, and again in 1964, and I have to wonder. She still exhibits abductee symptomology. But unlike many abductees you almost need to inject her with truth serum to get her to talk about it. She will go out of her way to avoid subjects like aliens and UFO's and such. Says she does not want to think about all that "weird" stuff. She is 77 years old now, and could have been described as a pretty average American woman, with normal interests and pursuits.

Excerpt from:

Bewilderness, Chapter 18, by PJ Gaenir

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