Monday, October 22, 2007


A South African Brigadier General who called himself "Chris" called in to tell Art about an incident in 1992 that happened in South Africa.

He said they had observed "bogies" coming into the base where they were. He thought they were from another country so he had the air force go up and investigate. There was an object that was glowing and as the planes got closer they asked for orders on what to do. He was the head of security in searching out terrorists so he told them or one of the pilots to shoot it down. I think there were two objects and one went away but the pilot was able to shoot at one of them. The plane was outfitted with a lAser weapon so he shot at it. The object started bouncing like a rubber ball and eventually fell down to the earth. The only damage to the object was a basket ball size dent in the side. He still thoughT this was something from earth.

(Art asked him if S. Africa had nuclear bombs and he said yes. Also that S. Africa is the third largest country in the world for manufactuing weapons. They have very advanced weaponry, which included the laser weapon to shoot down the object.)

The General got into a helicopter and went to the area where it had landed. When they came within 2 miles the engines were sputtering so they landed. In this area they had foot soldiers that were always on surveillance because of terrorists coming into the country and planting bombs in the streets. So they were always on the lookout for them. So they were there when the General arrived.

Where this area was is on the edge of a reserve, something like Kruger Park. (He was a little hard to understand as he had a soft voice and it sounded like he was calling from far away.) A truck carrying petrol was already there when they got there. The diesel engine worked but the gasoline ones wouldn't.

The object was on the ground emitting rays in the colors of the rainbow. This lasted 5 hours. Everyone that got close to it became violently ill, retching and breaking out in blisters. Eventually four of them died. He said there were about 24 men surrounding it.

One of his men said "General a door has come open." He told the fellow not to approach. I should say that this general had never heard of UFOs or aliens so all this time he thought it was a secret kind of aircraft from another country. So the fellow that had approached said to him, why would they have children in there? I can see a child who has been burned because it is all gray! He told the fellow not to approach.

They brought in a diesel flat bed and crane to lift it. They trucked it 800 miles to the north to a base. Then they transferred it to another place and 3 days later transferred it to another place. The problem was they didn't know what to do with it. Finally the General's superior said we have to get rid of it so send it back where it came from. They thought it was from the US.

The General was really upset because he was retiring and his civilian job was as a civil engineer in another country where he would be gone for a year. He hadn't seen his family and if he didn't take this time to see them he wouldn't get to for a year. Nevertheless, his superior said it was up to him to transport it so he had to.

They put it into a C141 Starlifter along with two body bags. Since his job was to search out bombs he always had his troops look into every bag. When they put the body bags on board he insisted on looking in them for the possibility of bombs. He was told that the person guarding them was not to open them for anyone. He got upset and swore and said open this bag! Well the poor guy did because he was his superior. When he did he couldn't believe what he was seeing. A grey colored person with long bony fingers. I think he said three. Big eyes like a horse and a large head. He said zip it up quick. He said he never wanted to see anything like that again.

He didn't say how this happened or how they knew but he said that one of the aliens woke up and the guy guarding him hit him with his gun so hard that the guard broke his fingers. The alien didn't wake up again as he had killed it.

When they landed at Andrews Air Force Base they had to sit and wait before anyone came out to greet them. Finally an officer and some men came out. They marched right onto the plane and this officer started barking orders to the Brig. General's men. He got upset and said I am in command here and you won't be ordering my men around. Right then the ones who had accompanied the officer on board lifted their guns and aimed them at the Brig. Gen. He didn't say any more.

The Americans took the object and the body bags away and told the S. Africans to sit there 40 minutes before leaving, which they did.

The reason the Brig. Gen. called in was because he had seen a program about Bob Lazar and the object Bob saw at Area 51 was described exactly as the object they had brought to the US. He knew it was the same one.

Now the Brig. Gen. is in fear for his life. He said that the persons they had guarded against getting into their country are now in control and his life is not worth anything. He lives in fear that their long arm will reach him and kill him. He never stays in one place more than one night.

There was a person with him that Art read a letter from but I missed the letter. I turned on the radio just as "Chris" was coming on. Art said he would be repeating this. I am hoping that he also repeats the letter. If anyone heard the letter would you let me know what it said? Thanks in advance.

I might have posted this before, if so please excuse.

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