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The Alor Beings
From Billy Booth,

Sometimes, in the field of Ufology, I get overwhelmed with the responsibility of proving everything to everybody, and fielding hundreds of differing opinions on the same case. That is why I often take a bit of time to break away from the stringent, narrow path that I walk so ever carefully on, and just read a good old story and don't worry about verifying and documenting a thing. Normally, a story like this falls into the category of UFO Folklore.

One of these stories of myth and legend that I have come across is the "Strange Beings of the Alor Islands." The account comes from the book, "UFO: One of World Problem in Present Day," Jakarta, Yayasan Idayu (Idayu Foundation), page 49-51. I was fortunate enough to see a translated version of the portion of the book that talked about the Alor Island beings. This incident supposedly occurred in 1959.

Now, we have always had our creature stories, like Bigfoot, the Mothman, the Flatwoods monster, the Lock Ness monster, and others, but the Alor story seems to tell us of a totally different type of being. According to the report by police chief Alwi Alnadad, the beings were of a reddish skin tone, about 5' 6 inches tall, and had white, wavy hair. The police chief, at first very skeptical of the stories, finally became a believer in these bizarre looking beings.

These beings allegedly landed their space ship, and began looking around an Aloran village. The frightened local residents shot their arrows at the invaders, but without success. The arrows caused the beings to jump real high, and leave the area. They were nowhere to be found.

A few days later, in another village not far away, the beings were again sighted. This time, as many as six different witnesses reported their presence. Again, they seemed to be searching for something. Only days later, it was reported that the beings had kidnapped a man who had been surrounded by them. He reported that the beings spoke in an unintelligible language. The man was paralyzed, but eventually escaped the clutches of the uninvited beings.

A five-year-old child would be the next victim of the beings from another world. Eventually released, the child was found in a field, dazed and confused. By this time, police chief Alnadad had had enough, and organized a police group to hunt down the beings and rid the island of the pests.

The police, following reports by the villagers, finally located and surrounded the other-worldly beings. The police were there to kill or be killed, and the group of 6 or more policemen fired their weapons at the beings, but again, they jumped very high, and were nowhere to be found. This would be the last time they were seen in the Aloran's home. One final report, made shortly after their escape, stated that a white, glowing object was seen leaving the village. The beings would never again return to Alora.


Re: Veterans Close Encounter previously published, a comment.

Concerning the Veteran's story:

I can verify that some UFOs DO make sounds like diesel engines even when they are not damaged by a bullet. UFO sounds are quite rare. CUFOs has one in its archives. The UFO was over a river in the state of Oregon. A ham radio operator stuck his microphone out his window and radioed the sound to a police radio where it was recorded by a small personal recorder. In the other instance a UFO hovered over a house in Canada making a sound that the occupants recorded that strongly resembled a loud diesel engine. The high strangeness of several aspects of this experience lend it validity in my view that the craft was not a conventional vehicle of earth based technology.

In Florida a small UFO cruised along side a police cruser as it was passing a orange grove during late night rounds.The color the UFO emitted was a bluish green. It also seemed to lower the ambient temperature for while it was flying beside him he noticed he could see his breath as he frantically radioed the dispatcher to inform them of his circumstances and request backup. I don't suppose that the vet noticed any temperature changes during his experience. There was probably too much excitement to distract him from an observation like that unless it was an extreme change. Also it may already have been cold to the point were the UFO made no difference in the dew point. Fla is usually very humid so it doesn't take much of a temp drop to get to the dew point most of the year.


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