Friday, October 5, 2007


Aileen, today's story reminded me of my experience in Europe. While in France, an older gentleman came up to me and asked me for money. Although he did not look like an impoverished fellow, I gave him what coins I had in my pocket. It was a couple of euros and few other small change. While placing the coins in the fellow's hand, I noticed his odd look as he gazed into my eyes. It was as if he wanted me to remember what he looked like. He wore a light colored tweed jacket and had on a matching hat with brush. At this time, I observed that he did not look at the money. My gazing turned away to the scenery for only a few seconds. When I turned to look for the man, he was gone. I was puzzled. I said to myself at the time; how could the old guy run fast enough to disappear around the corner.

Aileen, this is the amazing part of my story. While I was in Barcelona Spain, my wallet was stolen. All my cash and my debit card were gone. I had to locate the nearest police station to report the thief. I was in despair as my money and the ability to secure lodging and food were missing. I must have appeared as someone in sheer desperation and panic. I was surely looking the part. You know what? A person similar in appearance to the older gentleman that was in France approached me. I don't know how, but he sensed I needed help. He motioned me to follow him. He led us into a darken alley and I followed him. I was anxious as I feared this man leading me into the alley to rob me. We walked for quite awhile in the dark. I tried not to stumble on the cobble stone pathway. He stopped after about a quarter mile and pointed to another dark alley and said, "policia" and seemed to disappear into the darkness. When I came home from my trip the thought hit was the same old man. I believe that I have a guardian angel. Death does not scare me anymore.

The rest of the story is even more satisfying. While I was at the "policia" station, I noticed a young man talking on his cell phone. He must have overheard me telling the official about my money and debit card being stolen. I said to the officer my money was gone. The young man walked up to me and said in English, "Are you without money?". I said to him that I had my wallet stolen. He responded by saying, "Stay and wait for him to finish his business with the police. At first I thought he was a lawyer and wanted a new client. I waited for him to come out of the office. He finished his business and approached me with a smiling face. His smile eased my anxiety. From then on my composure turned from doom and gloom to bright sunshine even though being night time.

He headed me to his car in the parking lot. He directed me to get in his car and while he drove, asked me if I was hungry. I told him I did not have any money since it was stolen and said yes I was hungry. He reassured me everything would be alright. He said he would take me to his favorite restaurant that his friend owned. He ordered his favorite menu item for me from his friend the restaurant owner. I was glad he ordered the food as I did not speak a word of Spanish. The meal was delicious. The young man told me that after I finished my meal he would drive me to a hotel that his other friend managed. He arranged my hotel stay and left. Before leaving he gave me his business card and said to call him the next day. I did call him and he invited me to come to his home. He also said if I wanted to walk to his place of business that I would be welcomed to visit his office and factory since it was within walking distance from the hotel. It was a large factory that produced packing and shipping equipment. In addition, the factory produced safety harnesses for people working at high levels. I said that I worked at Boeing Airplane Co. He told me Boeing was one of his company's customers as they used their safety harness' for the mechanics. All of this blew me away. I had lunch with the Jean Climent's family at their home.


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